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The Little Week That Could

It started with an impossible list of schedules, appointments, and jobs. Purposely, we didn't make it a big deal. Rather, we did a little choosing carefully what could be cut out; things like bridal showers and fire department drill. That, and the choice to have singular vision, which is only looking at the day moment by moment, instead of planning all the details only to have most of them go 'poof!' as they so often do. I balked and felt anger that I was required to run the mail route on a week when, I should be burrowed and secluded in my classroom, preparing for a year I have no idea of how to truly prepare. The whole snowball effect was piling down rapidly. I was afraid if I blinked I would be snowed under. Thankfully, God got my attention at the exact moment I felt completely overwhelmed. First, He reminded me of His leading in the past. I remembered my personal pillars of cloud by day and pillars of fire by night. I remembered His provision of manna in my life.  H

Friday Five...

Five things that made summer perfect...   Having a place to call home... a front porch... flowers in pots... and an old colorful blanket...   The color of these old jars made me happy inside all summer long...   A camping, lake trip with the love of my life...  Peonies in my favorite jars... evidence that summer did happen... It went so fast... Kids that know they are loved no matter what. Security of love and family.... Happy Friday!

Prefab Christians and Thirty Day Challenges

 I am starting a discussion: I just got a CBD catalogue in the mail. Every time I page through one of those, I get this incredible feeling of too much, It's just too much to keep up with; those who are now being called popular and notable. Hello! Why do I even care?  What is making these persons noteworthy? Their followers, the people who are swallowing every new thing hook, line, and sinker. People who are made to feel good about their faults, maybe. I don't know.  Maybe it's all good and I'm the rebel. I've always striven to be original. Maybe even a little unique. Most the time though, I just end up feeling that I am strange, different, and not normal. And then, I read one of those magazines about who's who in the Christian world and think its all one in the same. How should I be? Maybe it's OK to be popular in mainstream Christianity. Maybe it's really no big deal and not so wrong to have a following because of published books or having 30 ye

Friendship, Dogs, and Dishes

 SO, if a phone is used to take a picture of four people at once, is it still a selfie?  One last girls night out before I start teaching and turn into: "One Who Never Has Time To Do Anything Fun." And this was fun, I am sure. Although, I went home feeling as if I was lacking in communication skills. Also, I felt frumpy. And old. And dull and tired. Sorta washed up to shore.   We traversed this famous alley in Sandpoint and it made me sink even deeper into self pity and gloom. I left looking for some good in life and the need to know what that even was.  Friendship is a very good thing, and there were a few times of girlfriend laughter in the evening. That alone, made it worth while and encouraging...Wow! Don't you love my cheesy grin? I have know idea what that was about...maybe I thought I would look younger...  My friend Jo, whom I hardly ever see and who has the knack for making life fun!  Stand back and be amazed. Or grossly inspired by bubble gum ar

Let Our Joys Be Known

So, recently I came across this writer/blogger while reading my niece, Lisl's blog: . I have been really enjoying Lisl's writings lately as well, so check her out, but the other gal I keep thinking about says something on her homepage that I have always felt but didn't know how to put into words. Let me explain. I struggle with how to know if what I write is safe for human consumption or if it should be shared at all. I mean, why bother cluttering up a nice person's brain with more useless info that can actually drag a person down if not monitored correctly? Also, the fact that even harmless, fluffy chatter can take up valuable time and space. Who needs that?  Christy at  says it just right about why she writes what she writes. It is all about bragging about Jesus Christ and to lead others to bragging rights about Jesus.  The main goal of sharing our hearts deepest woes should be to also share how Jesus is at work in o

My Life Is Like A Zip Line

      By nature, I am not the most adventurous person. Actually, to be completely truthful, I am not at all adventurous. Great times for me usually involve cool, clean water or a nice long hike in the mountains, and hopefully, the hike in the mountains won't be too long and difficult. My definition of a really good time would be a coffee shack on the top of one of those mountains, where I would be served an americano with a dollop of cream.      Thankfully, God has seen fit to give me a husband who likes high adventure and is always up for a challenge of any kind.  God has also seen fit to provide me with good friends who literally nudge me off my comfy spot and push me into the great unknown and excitement of real living.       Such was the case at our recent family reunion. I had talked bravely of going off the zip line and thought it looked easy as I watched many little children do it as if it were a swing or merry-go-round. It looked safe.       Until my sister-in-law got me

Birthdays Reunions And Nostalgia

 My baby is ten! And it must be scary... Actually, I don't know why the big eyes but the sweet and sour chicken was good and the using of chopsticks very funny.  She was given girl Lego's for the main gift... Shaunti's birthday landed on the same day of a family reunion, so trying to figure out when to have the cake and gifts sorta got squeezed in the cracks of living.  Andrew and Aletha Kauffman Family Reunion.  Lots of visiting and family history... My sisters and I were talking and realized this group of Aunts don't gossip. At all. Instead they sit around saying what they "appreciated" about someone in their past history.  Two of my favorite Kauffman cousins, Sharilyn and Phil, pictured here with their spouses.  Sharilyn is gentle and sweet and all goodness. OK, that cannot be said truthfully of anyone, but she has always been that in my memory. And I might actually love her a little more, cuz she poked me and said cautiously, "How do you

A Few Things I Might Eventually Learn

     Last week, my hubby and I got away from our busy and chaotic life to go on a camping/boating/fishing trip. I wanted an exotic, palm tree vacation, but my man decided it would be the lake.  Since the lake is much closer than palm trees, It made sense to agree.        I adapt well. Instead of dress clothes for a fancy restaurant, I go to the supermarket and buy shrimp and wine and cheese. Actually, there was no wine involved, but you get the idea. Instead of enjoying white, fluffy towels and smooth, cotton sheets, I found the air mattress and air pump, two sleeping bags and a tent.  Instead of pampering my feet and hands with lotions and exfoliating, I put maggots and corn on my fish hook with my own fingers and dug my toes into gritty sand and sharp rocks.      My first clue that my husband was on vacation, was when we stopped in Troy to fill the boat tank  with gas.  Now, he is usually cordial and charming to old ladies, even more so since he works in the ER as a CNA, but this

The Lost Art Of Conversation

 Good conversation of course, begins with a comfortable place to be. It doesn't have to be a clean and tidy space, but it should be inviting. It should be shared with people you enjoy being around. They should feel welcomed and honored to sit at your table and share a space of time with you, void of cell phones and computers. A rewarding conversation happens when the one who is listening, is actually hearing what the person is saying, not necessarily what it sounded like you heard. Often, good conversation is a struggle of the heart and has a little battle at coming out clearly. Sometimes, those things of the heart need a little time and a little reading between the lines. Coffee always helps. Between sips you are thoughtful and praying for grace to know what words to use that are encouraging, not empty cliches. There might even be a Bible verse that fits the moment. I miss a good conversation. I miss life before the social network conversations. We used to have time t