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Spring Thaw

It's the time of year when you feel you are missing something.  Is it someone's birthday? Some family member or friend maybe?  Your brain is foggy trying to peel away layers of winter and ice.  Sporadic burst of energy hit as the sun moves in and out behind spring clouds.  Your mind feels alert, then dulls as gray merges with bright white. Fingers itch for the feel of cool earth Nose twitches with the smell of green Emerging buds on nearby living plants. Ears are tuned to the honk of geese and cry of the loon As they float and fly nearby over misty waters. Thawing after winter is slow hard work.  Fingers are rusty with lack of tap tap tapping out the words  Frozen up in my heart. I learned a lot this winter. About life and marriage and being steadfast in both. My feet still go through the ice in places; I struggle to find my footing and solid ground.  My words are stuck to the roof of my mouth.  The thoughts simply will not thaw an