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Let's Talk About the Daffodils

What's in your Cup

I just now noticed there is the reflection of a pine tree in this cup...
Anyhow. Yes, this "cup" thought has been marching around my head for at least a month so I thought I'd share it with you. Probably not a new thought. To me it seems like good, solid ground in these, volatile days.
I've spent whole seasons of my life not liking what was in my cup and refusing to drink it. I thought I knew better maybe? Or perhaps I didn't get the concept of what the cup really meant for a follower of Jesus.
Psalm 16:5 KJV The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup; thou maintainest my lot.
When I have nothing left, no inheritance, no future, nothing is working out according to my plans; when my life is too difficult for words, when I am bone tired of striving...all this...only THEN can God be my portion and cup.
But nobody wants to be in that place where you recognize... this is me. Denial is easier. It's much better to post pictures on Instagram of my good life…

A Coffee Break Chat and Three Things

I've gotten really tired just doing life. Bare, bald fact. I think people often do exist in a state of exhaustion but avoid the fact and cause by staying busy and 'not going there'. I don't wish to judge, but to speak the truth in love. Why is it hard for most people to...Stop. Drop. And Roll? Or to even admit an emergency situation?

John 7:38 AMP
He who believes in me (who adheres to, trusts in, and relies on me), as the Scripture has said, 'from his innermost being will flow continually rivers of living water'.

Here's the Scripture Jesus may have been referring to...

Isaiah 58:11 AMP
And the Lord will continually guide you and satisfy your soul in scorched and dry places, and give strength to your bones, and you will be like a watered garden, and be like a spring of water whose waters do not fail.

I love the admittance to scorched and dry places...Note to self...It is not wrong to admit a need of change and behavior. Especially when something is not work…

Truly Listen

I come from a long line of talkers. Not only are we given the gift of gab we also are given a tactless approach. I struggle with knowing if that lack of tact is in my blood and there's no changing it or if it is a learned behavior for which the grace of Jesus is abundant. I promise I'll keep working at it and asking Jesus for more insight on what I can change for His glory.

So imagine my hesitation to talk about racism...For one thing I didn't know it was really and truly still a thing until 2020. I have experienced firsthand throughout my life prejudice. I know what it feels like to be treated with prejudice [Think chubby Mennonite girl with pigtails in a town of liberals who snicker and point as you and your large family walk by] and I know I am guilty of treating others with prejudice. Not on purpose, of course. But when you see someone struggle to get in and out of their car because of obesity you automatically feel superior and judge-y. Until you yourself are overwei…

Real Life is Good and Hard

I follow someone on Instagram who I don't know. I know that she is a first cousin once removed of a friend of mine...whatever that means. That isn't important. I follow her because of her charming upbeat personality. Also she travels and takes beautiful pictures of ordinary things. Mostly, it's because she sees the good and funny in the everyday. She's jokey and fun. She's young and beautiful and original and she doesn't try at all. She just is all that. She inspires me.

She inspires me because of what she chooses to focus on. Which is a lot of what I've been thinking about the last weeks. Do you know how life changing it is to think through the eyes of the redeemed? And how about the ability to remember that you are a 'new creature' after being redeemed? I don't know if others experience redemption in one fell swoop, but for me it is a continuation and a constant effort; one step forward or two steps back.

Because once you have been to the bri…

A Really Honest Talk

We are good and proper quarantined. I'm pretty sure. Fact is, I'm on my third slight cold with symptoms of COVID-19. I've probably been asymptomatic once or twice by now. Anyway, I think we should get back to living. I'm tired of worrying that I have it or am giving it to someone unbeknownst to all.
I keep thinking about the slaves in Texas that were oblivious to their freedom two and a half years after the fact because they were never informed of it. Their owners kept them in the dark on purpose. I hope that isn't the case nationally with the coronavirus.
For that reason, I am thankful for our rabid social media. There is no chance of missing an important notification these days. Or is there? I told my mom on the phone recently of my glorious peaceful week. "How did you do that?" she asked.
"I didn't listen to or watch the news." I answered glibly, and then we both laughed because ignorance sometimes IS bliss.
In other news...
I am doing b…

The Kinds of Friends

I have a friend who is talented at finding the good in others. Most often their first response to what seems like unusual behavior is acceptance and sometimes even admiration. I also have a friend who is talented at finding fault with people and situations and defining exactly how they or it should change, perform, or repent. Is one or the other right or wrong?

I know the person I'm more likely to enjoy is the one whose first inclination is to be accepting, kind, and sees that I am making an effort to work through my problems and character flaws. If I open up to someone and confess my shortcomings I for sure don't want it thrown back in my face later. If I open up and confess, it's because I trust that they will believe the best about me and help me pray through to growth.

But there's a place for everyone. Both kinds of people are useful and needed. I value the friend that is able to see things from a sharp perspective too. They are more painful to be around but help …