Friday, August 19, 2016

A Little Bit of This and That

This is Laife's first painting.  He sat down after the trip to Seattle...we were home only an hour, and he was doing this.  He says it is ugly and can't figure out why I like it.  I'm so proud of it that I took it and hung it in our sail boat.

Shaunti had a birthday that got overlooked more than usual.  I guess one should never have a birthday in August. I even bought the cake.

                     We gave her some nice stuff tho...hope it helped the non party mode.

Our 1st camping/sailing trip with all five of us... Shaunti fishing...

Bruce took this picture and I love the way the sun shines down on my baby and the boat.

Isn't she a pretty little thing?

Oh, Look! Another one...

Mr. Dude.  He read all. weekend. long.  I could tell he was really into the sailing thing...

I woke up early and enjoyed a book, coffee and this gorgeous sunrise.

His mercy is new every morning...great is His faithfulness!

Herbs from the garden...Life is good!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Week in Numbers

A friend once asked me, "Do you measure your success by your accomplishments?"  Well yes, I guess I do.  Because I feel at loose ends, discontent, and even ornery when I have a week of dead ends with nothing getting finished.  So anyway, for what its worth, here's our week past and it felt very successful to me...

August 5 - 60 quarts green beans...50 quarts applesauce
August 6 - 12 hrs of cleaning before Bruce comes home from L.A.
August 7 - My baby turns 11
August 8 - 5 hrs of waiting for Pro X to match paint for my classroom...while I wait 3 loads of laundry gets washed and 3 flower beds get weeded.  Approx. 1/2 gal of paint used to touch up classroom. Enjoyed 1 cup of coffee with 2 mom and co-teacher.
August 9 - 15 desks are painted white and tightened with mighty, powerful screw gun. 3 streaks of white paint in hair. 27 smears on arms and legs...not sure didn't count... Had lunch with 1 sister and 4 littles plus my 2 girls.
August 10 - 15 desks put back into place...1 shelf hung... 3 phone conversations while doing the aforementioned. 1 church auditorium cleaned...2 Kirby vacuum cleaners redeemed for future use. 2 bags changed...1 belt replaced...2 brushes cleaned...1 hose taped because 1 large pin made a hole in it... 1 looooong cord taped and rewired in 2 spots.  Duct tape is awesome!
August 11 - 5 loads of laundry...3 meals planned for boat/camping trip. Approx 85 dollars worth of groceries...1 crockpot meal... ran errands to 5 different places...
August 12 - 7 hours of sailing, relaxing, reading, and enjoying the lake with 3 beautiful children and 1 awesome sailor/husband.  4 hours at dock.  1 mom/chef prepares supper. 1 bag of shrimp devoured and 2 bottles of sparkling juice drank. 2 kids fished. 1 man scrubbed the underside of the boat. 1 kid read. 12 hours of sheer bliss on the water. 0 clouds in the sky.
August 13 - 3 photos taken of the morning sunrise.  10 eggs and 10 strips of bacon fried for breakfast. 3 cups of hot chocolate and 2 cups of instant coffee drank.  Approx. 20 pages of novel read with coffee while everyone was still sleeping. 3 hrs of exciting sailing in the morning breeze. 1 hr to empty the boat of 2 bags of garbage, 1 bag of dirty laundry, and 1 cooler. Also in that hour, 2 sails were put away and covered, window tied down tight, tube put away, tools and ropes stowed, boat tied and locked for next trip out.
It really isn't fair to measure our success by our accomplishments but its encouraging to have a great week now and then.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


What a foreign concept waiting is... Think about it, do you know anyone who is truly good at waiting? Waiting feels like such a waste of time, after all, we are taught to stay busy and active.  Heaven forbid if we should sit and do nothing!

Yet, the Bible verses that talk about waiting don't have a lot of action taking place. Instead they all mention the purpose of waiting. 

In waiting there is supposed to be joy. Imagine is not the virtue that comes to mind when I think of waiting.  Col 1:11 says we learn about God's strength and power in our lives and that we learn patience and long suffering with joy when we wait.

Isaiah 40:31 Says we renew our strength, learn to fly, run like a winner, and walk like a hiker when we wait on God.

James 5: 7-8 talks about the waiting on a tree to bear fruit and the early and latter rain required to make it happen best.  Apply that to what you are waiting on; children growing up to love God or your marriage partner as you both grow toward God.

When you wait on God he promises to show his strength, power, grace, mercy, and perfect judgement, and we are blessed. Isaiah 30:18

My soul waits so I recognize God as my help and shield. Psalm 33: 20-22

While I wait and keep HIS way; there is reward after. Psalm 37:34

In waiting I learn to put my expectations in God.  Psalm 62:5...and to listen to his reproof for a better solution. Hab. 2:1-3

We as humans are unable to see and hear what God is doing while we wait.  Isaiah 64:4 

 Our senses are not whole. So we must learn to wait.  It is true, the best things in life come to those who wait.

Do you wait well?  
What are the things that make you learn to wait?
Are you truly waiting if you are still striving and busy?
What do you do while you wait?