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I live in a world of overachievers. Although, who's to say what that is? Just because I think it, doesn't mean it is so. It is possible, I am an underachiever. Whatever it is, there does appear to be a conflict of application. 

Enough with the generalizations. It is my opinion that many of us (good Christian citizens) put too much stock in 'doing' and good works. I'll start with my own. I taught school for four years while my husband did four years of nursing school. There were varying opinions on this matter, whether what we were doing was praiseworthy or just plain stupid. 

Mostly people were supportive whether or not they completely cared or understood. But it didn't keep opinions away. It was kind opinions, all positive in our hearing, but because I would prefer to remain anonymous or at least partly incognito about my life, even this was a bit painful. To all of you who thanked me and encouraged me during my four years of teaching, Thank you! I am not saying…

Dash It All

I've been on a pretty good kick about quietness and being still, trying to recover from years of living the fast paced stressful life, {at least this was my excuse}and I am gaining ground on this front too... but then I go to Sunday School last Sunday and Jesus pretty much shot down my whole quietness issues with His resurrection. See, when he rose from the dead, the earth could not be silent. It was loud and extreme and sudden; all things that make me think I have PTSD. However, Jesus being resurrected should make some noise in my life. I do believe finding quietness is a thing Jesus did and it is a good and healing and needed thing to do, but maybe I was taking it a bit too far?

 I don't know. But I do feel I am ready to stop preaching about quietness so much, at least to others. I guess what I am really saying is, yes, there are times a body needs quietness. But I am now a little more open to the fact that not everyone needs the same amounts of it and rarely at the same time…

Our Earthly Kingdoms

Sometimes you just have to start writing. I have tried so many different starts to this blog post; each one gets deleted. You see, I am trying to say it nice. Or say it diplomatically. Or gentle it down a little. None of it works. But I don't want it to be simply a rant. And I don't want to  be offensive. But I really want to say it. Also, it really isn't as big as deal as it feels to me...probably. 

I really do think we build our own earthly kingdoms, which ends up with placing too much importance on things, people, or problems. Earthly kingdoms to me are whatever worshipful thoughts we have about 'important' people or 'modern' ideas. I'll get to what some of those are in a minute. We tend to make earthly kingdoms out of anything. 
The problem with earthly kingdoms is how they take our eyes off Jesus and His heavenly kingdom. We lose the part of the Lord's prayer that says, "Thy kingdom come...thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"…

Fall Green and Thoughts About Wimpy Christians

Don't let the title dissuade you. I'm not admitting fall is in the air, but there has definitely been a break in the heat and the rains over the weekend have certainly greened up the grass I've been struggling to keep alive. The air is cooler too. Its almost like I smell... dare I say it? Well...fall.

Now that we have that out in the open, I will attempt to put into words what I really want to say. It's about Jesus. And living for Him. And trying to explain why you shouldn't try so hard to be smart and in control and freaked out when things go so very wrong.

Because we live in a fallen world, because we are humans prone to mistakes...and things will go bad, rotten, and is the nature of things...because of these things we get discouraged and begin to question the goodness of God.

 We also begin to question who God is when we are following too closely on the heels of people. We feel safe when we follow other Christ followers, especially those that have a PhD …

When Its Dry

I have this tiny front yard that needs water daily just to survive. Something in the way its situated makes it difficult for rain to reach most of it. The previous owner obviously spent more time than I do setting up sprinklers in strategic places. And this is not as dry a summer as usual.

So I found a setting on the nozzle of the garden hose called 'soaker', which seems to work better than a sprinkler because it requires me standing behind it and watering according to desire of wetness. I can see the spots that need soaking better than my sprinkler. And as I stand there giving the dry ground a good soak, I think of all the dry spots in my life and my people's lives and pray for them.

Now these are not wordy prayers. I'm not even sure they are good prayers. It's more watering the surface than anything, because I don't know the depth to which the dryness goes. I just kinda eyeball it like the ground and trust God will use it according to need.

Bruce says rather…

Not Shocked

There are way too many things to talk about here so I will try to narrow it down to one or two. They may or may not correlate.

I have been asked my opinion on well-known established organizations that have been exposed of their ongoing sins... organizations that have functioned for years under the guise of "conservative" and "spiritual"...what do I think about it?

First of all, I'm not sure what good it does for one more voice to say what they think...I personally cannot bear to hear one more opinion... although I will admit this is a bit reactionary from the last four years of intense-ness. However I will just say this. It's about time. It's about time we realize that conservative Anabaptist people are just that. People are people are people the world over. It is past time to break down our little kingdoms of self righteousness in our heritage and realize we are human and sinners and no better than anyone.

We are all crawling with filth and grime and in n…

Who Do I Love the Most..Me or God?

If you've ever been in a spot of discomfort after a conversation and you keep repeating in your mind what he or she said and what you said back, you will probably understand the thinking behind this question. Are you uncomfortable with the way the conversation went because you are afraid you sounded dumb? Or wrong? 

Have you ever felt tortured by your thoughts after a false accusation or an insinuation that you were misunderstood? Did you feel like smoke was coming out your ears from not being given the chance to explain yourself?

Maybe you've gone through a time of doing great things, performing or trying to please someone in particular with your talents of compassion and ability to reach out. Maybe you were good at it and did impress a few people. Maybe you were even given high praise.

Do you find yourself craving, even needing affirmation? Do want to be noticed for your good deeds or quality of character? Do you long for people to look up to you and come to you for advice? Do …