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Random Thoughts in March and Conversation

March is a month fitting for sorrow and the death of things. Not to sound morbid, but mud and cold go with the mood of March. I am always so glad when it is over. When I see the first blooms of spring and green shoots of grass trying to shove up out of the earth, I feel maybe the pain and hard of winter might just relinquish its hold on my soul and I can start anew.

And then I wonder why it is I seek comfort so hard? Why do I struggle with bareness of the mind or landscape? Socrates once stated, "He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have." I agree, except for the changing of seasons. 

I've been thinking about communication and what makes it great. It seems that true communication is more quickly achieved when we are swift to hear and slow to speak. James 1:19 Most people want so badly to speak and to be heard and to say what's on their minds and hearts. They care more about being heard than listening. Likewise, we …

What Did You Hear?

I am having full days lately of being misunderstood. Not that this really matters. Most of the time I'm too busy keeping up with school assignments and errant homework slips to really care if someone heard me say "rain" instead of "amazing". Which in my way of thinking doesn't really matter, unless they also encourage me to be more positive in my thinking...which they did...

And that is when I wonder if it would be better to be defensive and correct them by telling that I said the night was gonna be amazing and that I never mentioned rain at all... At this point I really don't care if they thought I was predicting rain instead of amazing evening plans. I simply do not have the energy for corrections. Let them think ill of me. Or not?

Sometimes it happens because too many people are talking at once and also not listening. I find the art of true conversation is hard to come by and that to try to teach it or attempt it myself takes too much energy. Or should…

Everyday battle

It's National Womans Day. Whatever that means. I feel bad about this. It would be better named, National Brat Day. Not that I don't like women, I do; I am one of them. But when we start making days to be noticed, I start to think about animals in cages. Do we really want that kind of attention?

National Womans Day was started for the woman who has fewer rights, to make it easier for her to get a job, one that pays as good or better than a man's job. It was made for women to be able to vote and help lead equally with men. The point of it all was for equality among human beings in every aspect; to not have gender; influence treatment of human beings.

I think it's working. Except for the fact we are completely different beings than men. True, we both have heads, hands, and feet...but after noticing those physical parts, our differences begin to show up. And that a man has no womb. Wonder who they will blame for this? So it's not working. There are big un-thought of gaps…

Counted Worthy to Suffer

There is something I think we get wrong in living out this thing we call 'The Christian Life'. We are put on guilt trips for not having it as bad as persecuted Christians across the world or for not having been tested for our faith like our forefathers were. The thread of thought is that we are soft and that we don't know as much as they did of what it is like to be put through fire.

This is denial. Maybe a bit like Peter's denial. He didn't mean to deny Christ, it just happened. He didn't realize he was already in a battle. Just like we are. We are SO in a battle. And just maybe we aren't realizing we are already suffering because we claim the name of Jesus.

 If someone can make you question your faith, your actions, your joy, then you my friend, are already in. You are being tested in your easy, plush, American life. You are put through the fire when you choose to love and forgive your spouse if he or she is unfaithful to you. Every time there is bickering …

Getting Along With Others

Not bragging...Everyone who knows me, knows I am opinionated. Sometimes to the point of hurting the one I am talking to.
 I'm also very slow, never catching on that I did in fact hurt some one with my forceful words until much later. Like hours later, after they have forgotten and moved on from the conversation. That is when it hits me... I feel squirmy for a reason and I must've been too wordy about some trivial matter and that everyone would have been happier had I just shut up.
And then, the other side of me abhors niceness. Being nice isn't always kind. A person can be ever so nice but as mean as an old snake. And saying nice words and doing nice things are NOTHING if there is not a heart of kindness behind them. Being nice tends toward fake. Kindness from the heart has to be genuine, otherwise its just fake niceness. to get it right?
I think at the bottom of this heart struggle is "the fear of man". I think we get the desire to please God and the pull t…

Not a Borrowed Love

Last week I did a personal five day devotional by Louie Giglio, about worship. It was fitting for a lot of other things in my life, one being Bible memory with my students. 

Last week we memorized Psalm 119 verse 99...
99 I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation. They got a pretty big kick out of that 
being students. And I got a pretty big kick out of it being a teacher.

 It was a great learning moment together when I told them it wasn't good enough to trust their teachers because teachers are human and make mistakes and worse yet, are sometimes just plain wrong. I encouraged them to make sure they know their Bibles so well they are able to recognize when one of their teachers in life are not giving sound advice...A mantra I have adopted since my own childhood.

Do you know? I think that was a strange thought for some of them...On one hand they have been told since babies, they can trust the adults in their lives while on the other, their te…

Bread and Randomness

Every now and again I go dead in the writing world. It's not on purpose, its just that the energizer bunny in me fizzles out. The month of January had a way of wiping me out, if not physically, at least mentally.

This year I stayed well physically, which is nice when you are a schoolteacher. But alas, I went astray mentally. The winter SAD hit hard, I had seven writing assignments due and then overdue, got them finished and pphhhtt... Done...No more...That's all she wrote...

So in thinking it all over and wondering what of value I would have to say to the outside world, I came up empty. No one needs to know about the going through and cleaning out a closet of forty- too- many dresses smashed in there. Every one is already informed about how to have a capsule wardrobe, how to get rid of stuff like dishes and clothes and not used items laying around. While minimalism was cool, I was busy doing a job. Now that I'm finally catching on, its pretty basic and boring to most.

But the…