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To Putter and Hammock


To move or go slowly, aimlessly; loiter...

This is what I have been doing...Absolutely nothing of too big of consequence.

I wake up when I want to and leisurely sip a cup of coffee. I pick up my watering can and dribble a little water over a houseplant or two. Then, I stop and stare into space if so desired.

The point is, I don't have to be rushing, grinding, or shoving my way through the day. The kids are home for the summer, the books are put away, the records have been filed. It is such a feeling of utter relief.

I am puttering with God too. Its a good thing. It might sound like a bad thing to those who thrive on the grueling heat of the body, soul, and spirit, but to me it means resting and waiting and listening to the still small voice of God. He too commands rest. 

I think God is not as impressed with our ability to "get things done" as we are. I think He likes when we get out the hammock and swing now and then. He wants us to let go of our bulldog determinat…

Mothers Day Thoughts

I am to the final week of school. I will do the final exams, report cards, awards, end of the year reports, and put away all the maps and flashcards. I will finish a project and wrap it all up all neat and tidy with a bow! Most people get a sense of accomplishment in  finishing and putting away a big project. I do to.

However, this morning, sitting in church, I realized that being a Mom is one project I never have to finish. I used to beat myself up at the end of a day when I had little to nothing accomplished of the goals I had set up for myself in my home. Guilt was a constant companion in those days as were the piles of dirty laundry.

I still function better when things are kept up in my housework, tho having a day job tends to take all that starch right out of you. I'm getting better at leaving the work and going if the family decides to go. Yesterday it was sailing. It took five hours out of my afternoon. Five hours that I could have spent doing laundry and baking beautiful, vi…

The Lady That Was Too Busy

How many of you do "busy" well?  Do a few of you thrive on keeping a packed schedule book?  Do more of you do better with hectic than slow?  Is your best work done when you are out of time?
I ask these questions, for I want to know. I know what makes me even more frustrated when I am in a crazy time, and that is... planners and talking about all the things one has to do.
 By planners, I mean the daily little calendar books many women use to plan their weeks in. I don't like them at all. I pretty much hate them. They make me feel itchy in the brain. They also make me feel like reacting strongly and tearing my clothes like you read of in the Bible. I looked this reaction up to see what it meant in biblical terms. Google says it was done when one was deeply disappointed or when mourning a loss.
That would be about right. I too know what I am deeply disappointed in and what I am mourning the loss of; its called TIME.   Dear Time, I miss you and hope we can one day be friends again…

What I did This Week

What a weird week...It held a little bit of everything. Monday after school was a trip to the thrift store...The girls have inherited my love of books. Their shelves are full.

I think it might be a little strange, but I love to look at shelves of books. To me it is a thing of beauty. I love the colors of the spines, the spell of old paper, the dog ears, and coffee rings sometimes smudged in their pages.

Teacher meeting was a little shorter Tuesday afternoon so I came home and puttered around outside re-potting plants and making my front porch look like spring.

It still needs some fixing...remodeling happens slowly these days, but you are still welcome to come sit here with me for a glass of lemonade this summer.

Bruce got his first smart phone this week so we spent an evening texting selfies and emojis to each other while he was at work. I tell you, the things people will do after 40!

It was fun. I kinda got into it...notice the studious kids in the background...that has been another big p…


Yesterday after school I took a walk around the block to snatch a picture of this forsythia tree...
 School whizzed by this week and when 3:00 p.m. arrived I locked up the classroom and left...Which means we will have to go back today to do the cleaning. It's OK, we have to clean the church auditorium too. And the house. And we need to get Laife's pictures made so I can send out the graduation invites to the relatives. The girls want to go to the thrift stores...hopefully I can find a collage frame there for graduation table. It's getting very Spring though, I might scratch as much as I can from that list and go dig in the dirt. That would be the best thing...
I have a couple writing assignments due and can't find the inspiration to do it. It is the fault of life. Not mine. :) I'd much rather talk about my kids and about how to be a good mom to them while I still have them. Because all this cramming, trying to graduate, has given me a host more gray hairs...(thank Go…

Lord, Is It I

I don't know why this winter, Jesus led me to the words he spoke to the Pharisees... as if winter isn't hard enough, but He did. Often. And every time I would walk away with the words, 'Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees', ringing in my ears.

Before, I would read over these words of Christ and stop only long enough to convince myself that this could not be me. I would never reject Christ...I believed all His words...I was good with changes and getting rid of old, comfortable ways. I was not more concerned with the outward over the inward. The list of the leaven of the Pharisees goes on and on...

Reasons that brought about all this soul searching were many. The church I attend has gone through some growing pains. In the last year, we have lost one of our pastors due to the commitments we in our plain groups are bound to have and promote. We have also had to pray for another pastor and have an ordination...more soul searching...We are going through the Epistles in Sunda…

Prayer of Recovery

Let me just say; I love this quote. It is my heart's cry currently.

It speaks to every corner of injustice in my life and it explains what I believe to be one of my biggest passions.

Confession coming now: I have been sick. So sick I was opposite of all this quote says. I was ugly...(You  can't be beautiful when you can't breathe, when your skin feels like it is going to burn up and fall off from fever or when you can't find the strength for a shower.) 

I wasn't kind to my people...(I know because they finally all told me by getting in my face and saying.) We're blunt like that at this house. Can you feel the love tonight?

My ears became open to compassion and I heard them...Mark one up for the sick lady folks!

The hands for charity would be the washing of doorknobs and of sick is still sketchy but we're trying...

My heart is open to giving love and for healing...sleep is helping. 

And because there will always be those who don't like me, I will…