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Don't Put Me in a Box

Maybe it's forty something years in me
Or maybe it just new found independence.
 Either way,
I find I don't fit in
Anyone's boxes.
I won't. I shouldn't.

It's not 
One size fits all.
I know my size
I see my flaws just fine.
Sometimes glaringly
Like monsters under my bed.

I'm working on it. 
I spend time with God too.
My ears hear you
But my heart has another thing going on.
Your thing is important.
Mine is too.

Both important things
Are best understood,
In the presence of Our Lord.
Instead of predicting, sorting,
Confusing the facts
With words...

Instead of turning the crank
On that jack in the box
And smashing it all back inside
With an arm poking out...
You can't figure me out
It's not your job.

I won't fit in your box 
But you need me.
We need each other
To understand and trust
That we have the same tools
Jesus, God, and The Holy Ghost.

Pray for me.
I pray for you.
We are not the enemies
Of each other.
We must look together
At the Author and Finisher
Of our Faith.