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What I did This Week

What a weird week...It held a little bit of everything. Monday after school was a trip to the thrift store...The girls have inherited my love of books. Their shelves are full. I think it might be a little strange, but I love to look at shelves of books. To me it is a thing of beauty. I love the colors of the spines, the spell of old paper, the dog ears, and coffee rings sometimes smudged in their pages. Teacher meeting was a little shorter Tuesday afternoon so I came home and puttered around outside re-potting plants and making my front porch look like spring. It still needs some fixing...remodeling happens slowly these days, but you are still welcome to come sit here with me for a glass of lemonade this summer. Bruce got his first smart phone this week so we spent an evening texting selfies and emojis to each other while he was at work. I tell you, the things people will do after 40! It was fun. I kinda got into it...notice the studious kids in the back


Yesterday after school I took a walk around the block to snatch a picture of this forsythia tree...  School whizzed by this week and when 3:00 p.m. arrived I locked up the classroom and left...Which means we will have to go back today to do the cleaning. It's OK, we have to clean the church auditorium too. And the house. And we need to get Laife's pictures made so I can send out the graduation invites to the relatives. The girls want to go to the thrift stores...hopefully I can find a collage frame there for graduation table. It's getting very Spring though, I might scratch as much as I can from that list and go dig in the dirt. That would be the best thing...   I have a couple writing assignments due and can't find the inspiration to do it. It is the fault of life. Not mine. :) I'd much rather talk about my kids and about how to be a good mom to them while I still have them. Because all this cramming, trying to graduate, has given me a host more gray

Lord, Is It I

I don't know why this winter, Jesus led me to the words he spoke to the Pharisees... as if winter isn't hard enough, but He did. Often. And every time I would walk away with the words, 'Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees', ringing in my ears. Before, I would read over these words of Christ and stop only long enough to convince myself that this could not be me. I would never reject Christ... I believed all  His words... I was good with changes and getting rid of old, comfortable ways. I  was not more concerned with the outward over the inward. The list of the leaven of the Pharisees goes on and on... Reasons that brought about all this soul searching were many. The church I attend has gone through some growing pains. In the last year, we have lost one of our pastors due to the commitments we in our plain groups are bound to have and promote. We have also had to pray for another pastor and have an ordination...more soul searching...We are going through the E

Prayer of Recovery

A beautiful woman uses her lips for truth, her voice for kindness, her ears for compassion, her hands for charity and her heart for love. For those who do not like her, she uses prayer.    ~ Unknown Let me just say; I love this quote. It is my heart's cry currently. It speaks to every corner of injustice in my life and it explains what I believe to be one of my biggest passions. Confession coming now: I have been sick. So sick I was opposite of all this quote says. I was ugly...(You  can't be beautiful when you can't breathe, when your skin feels like it is going to burn up and fall off from fever or when you can't find the strength for a shower.)  I wasn't kind to my people...(I know because they finally all told me by getting in my face and saying.) We're blunt like that at this house. Can you feel the love tonight? My ears became open to compassion and I heard them...Mark one up for the sick lady folks! The hands for charity would be the washi