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More than is needed... You think?  So, just for fun and just because my brain is funny that way... Redundancy is like a photographer taking a picture of someone taking a picture.  Or a writer writing about writing.  Or, as I heard on the radio this morning, a study taken of a study about whether those in the political field talk about religion too much.  Who comes up with this stuff?  Redundancy could also be talking about redundancy.... Just wanted to confuse you for the day... Have a good one...

Solid Ground

               First day of school... about a month ago already... Where does the time go?           On top the mountain...            Looking down on that beautiful tree.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no?  I don't expect you to get my thrill over a silly tree.               My bohemian chicks...   As for the solid ground,  It was a thought that came  to me while listening to the message yesterday at church.  We had a guest speaker whom spoke on technology and the like; how we should deal with it and how much time we should be taking using it. A good message.   This is not an overview on the message.  More, its about me trying to apply it to myself.  A good portion of the sermon was about our use of smart phones and fb .  I wanted to feel cocky about the fact that I have neither; and then a God thing happened, this thought:  I still have those things in my life that take my time, devotion, and love for the things of God.  I am not exempt of idolatry

Thoughts Unspoken...

     Sunday morning and wife watches husband sitting in church with arms folded.  He looks exhausted, yet he is here.  He worked through Saturday night. 1 a.m.- 8 a.m.  Wife fed him hot breakfast after which he showered and went straight to bed.  She watched him sleeping soundly as she dressed for church. It fills her with an emotion hard to put into words.  This is the one who left her side all night to be there for an older, lonely woman in the back of an ambulance and then after returning to town hours later, turning around and taking a mom with a very sick two year old to another town, [a very tired mom who was wanting a few precious hours of sleep as much as the baby would allow the EMT to care for her/him.]      Sometimes words of affirmation aren't enough to express the sentiments the wife feels for her husband.  She wants to say a lot, to say every emotion that fills her heart through the hours of the cold, lonely night.  She wants to express her anger and defeat after not