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Solid Ground

               First day of school... about a month ago already... Where does the time go?

          On top the mountain...

           Looking down on that beautiful tree.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no?  I don't expect you to get my thrill over a silly tree.

              My bohemian chicks...  

As for the solid ground,  It was a thought that came to me while listening to the message yesterday at church.  We had a guest speaker whom spoke on technology and the like; how we should deal with it and how much time we should be taking using it. A good message. 

 This is not an overview on the message.  More, its about me trying to apply it to myself.  A good portion of the sermon was about our use of smart phones and fb.  I wanted to feel cocky about the fact that I have neither; and then a God thing happened, this thought:  I still have those things in my life that take my time, devotion, and love for the things of God.  I am not exempt of idolatry even if I don't keep up with all the technology out there.  I need the same solid ground of spending time with The Word of God and talking to my Saviour.  Being all cocky about not having a temptation that someone else might have is not based on reality.  I just have another dragon to slay somewhere else in my heart.   Sometime I will say why I don't do fb. [if you really want to know] I avoid this conversation with most people because I don't judge those that have it  and to me that really isn't important as making sure I'm on solid ground with my Lord in my own heart. That's not something anyone can decide for me or you.  We are all given different things that we have to decide personally if it's what God wants for us.  I am happy other people are not like me in this area and that they can enjoy the new technology without all the brain torture that I go through when I try to keep up.  So there's my little disclaimer about technology and also my admittance to having idols in my life the same as anyone else.

 interesting fact:  I learned from the message yesterday that I am one in a billion among women.  Here's how: Among the billions of users on fb since 2012 they have found middle age women to be the biggest users.

 When I told this to Sharon, my sister-in-law she said" Thank God for that!"  referring to the fact that I am one in a billion.  A good joke that made me laugh.  I know she loves me in spite of my strange beliefs.   


  1. I get this. I totally do. I don't do fb either. We all need to cast down those idols that we do have.... thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Hi Troy's Sharon, :] good to hear from you. Someday would be great to see all the cousins again. Maybe heaven?

  3. It's must be a jaded existence, huh? Living on FB all the time. My little "strange belief" about FB and all the whole virtual (thats a silly word) world of the net is that it will only take one flip of the switch to take the bottom out of a billion people's lives. My children look at me pityingly when I say this. Like our poor fuddy duddy mom simply does not realize how much our world will improve with the internet and depend on it. They're storing their pictures and managing their money online. That's fine. But it's no more safe or "secure" than the good old ways.I am going to shout "I told you so" in my biggest,most opinionated voice the first time one of them loses something important. No, I won't. I'll tsk tsk right along with them and feel sorry for them. :)

    1. Yes, I know, and I'm no different. I blog, I order pictures online, and do a little shopping online. I really do love this new world of technology. I'm just a little handicap with a lot of social media. I have a disorder probably. :)

  4. There is a Kauffman reunion being planned right there in Bonners Ferry Idaho about a year hence. Perhaps Sharon Schrock and Shilah Hartman could get reaquainted at that event? We had a good message yesterday too. About running with patience and looking to Jesus.

    1. Amen to the reunion here. Wouldn't that be fun?


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