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I live in a world of overachievers. Although, who's to say what that is? Just because I think it, doesn't mean it is so. It is possible, I am an underachiever. Whatever it is, there does appear to be a conflict of application.  Enough with the generalizations. It is my opinion that many of us (good Christian citizens) put too much stock in 'doing' and good works. I'll start with my own. I taught school for four years while my husband did four years of nursing school. There were varying opinions on this matter, whether what we were doing was praiseworthy or just plain stupid.  Mostly people were supportive whether or not they completely cared or understood. But it didn't keep opinions away. It was kind opinions, all positive in our hearing, but because I would prefer to remain anonymous or at least partly incognito about my life, even this was a bit painful. To all of you who thanked me and encouraged me during my four years of teaching, Thank you! I am n

Dash It All

I've been on a pretty good kick about quietness and being still, trying to recover from years of living the fast paced stressful life, {at least this was my excuse}and I am gaining ground on this front too... but then I go to Sunday School last Sunday and Jesus pretty much shot down my whole quietness issues with His resurrection. See, when he rose from the dead, the earth could not be silent. It was loud and extreme and sudden ; all things that make me think I have PTSD. However, Jesus being resurrected should make some noise in my life. I do believe finding quietness is a thing Jesus did and it is a good and healing and needed thing to do, but maybe I was taking it a bit too far?  I don't know. But I do feel I am ready to stop preaching about quietness so much, at least to others. I guess what I am really saying is, yes, there are times a body needs quietness. But I am now a little more open to the fact that not everyone needs the same amounts of it and rarely at the

Our Earthly Kingdoms

Sometimes you just have to start writing. I have tried so many different starts to this blog post; each one gets deleted. You see, I am trying to say it nice. Or say it diplomatically. Or gentle it down a little. None of it works. But I don't want it to be simply a rant. And I don't want to  be offensive. But I really want to say it. Also, it really isn't as big as deal as it feels to me...probably.  I really do think we build our own earthly kingdoms, which ends up with placing too much importance on things, people, or problems. Earthly kingdoms to me are whatever worshipful thoughts we have about 'important' people or 'modern' ideas. I'll get to what some of those are in a minute. We tend to make earthly kingdoms out of anything.  The problem with earthly kingdoms is how they take our eyes off Jesus and His heavenly kingdom. We lose the part of the Lord's prayer that says, "Thy kingdom come...thy will be done on earth as it