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Who He Is

Things I wonder about: Does God want His people to be dominant? And if someones personality happens to be aggressive and dominant and this bothers me does that say something about my own lack of humility?  How much should we depend on others for our fulfillment? Relationships are important; God created us to be social beings. So why do we go away from social gatherings feeling a lack? Should a Christ follower choose to shut off the extra noise around them for need of a rest? And is it a sign of weakness if you do?  Just because your atmosphere is rock and hardness, if you begin to sprout green fronds and unfold into a beautiful wild fern, you totally should. Grow where you are planted and all that. Don't let your surroundings determine you cliche...thank you, Little Fern. Nothing is better learned than by humility. When I just am...without overpowering you with my knowledge...and I share my experience and my sorrows along with my joys...then we

Analogies That Don't Work

Last year as soon as school was out we took our family and sailboat to Florida for a dreamy vacation. It turned out rather un-dreamy. One of the most vivid memories I have on the trip is fixing a boxed dinner while standing over the alcohol burner stove. All of us were stuffed inside that small space with torrents of rain pouring down on top our boat and finding every leak along the hatch and main and windows. Everything was supposed to be sealed. Anyway, it rained a lot. And I was cooking dinner that I knew the family would not enjoy and was feeling pretty lousy about it. It was as if everyone's misery was my fault.  During the times of no rain and a little extra room on the boat, God kept taking me to Matthew 6 about alms and doing them before men to be seen of them. I could not make the connection between feeling like a failure to my family with lack of dry clothes and decent food and soothing salve for the no see um bites and doing alms. Yet that's what kept coming