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Something Oh So Close to My Heart

If there is one disadvantage we as Bible thumping believers might have; it would be the inclination for us to feel we have the inside scoop on what's what. We have this inclination because w e have been taught and exhorted in every Biblical principal man was able to find and interpret. Our forefathers saw to that.  They saw the need for those of our faith to get away from the belief that only Priests and Popes were worthy to read the Holy Scriptures and to interpret them to ordinary people. And aren't we glad they did?  However, along they way, a certain strength begins to grow into a pattern and we become confident in what we know to be the most righteous ways of doing things. We get blinders on and have trouble seeing/hearing the teachings of Christ in our endeavors to being a holy set apart people. We tend to think we can only be a missionary if we are in a foreign country and living a miserly, miserable life. We become overly cautious to keeping traditions going

Spring Cleaning the Blog

Some of you will fuss and fume but I needed to update this blog. Please be patient with me while we both get used to this new look. You can still find all my favorite blogs and about me if you poke around long enough. I am a little nervous about how to get in to write a new seems I have lost my design and editing button with this new format. I guess that's the kinda thing you get when you demand change. I also felt the need to explain why it is that all my latest posts have dubbed me "Sailing Shy Lady". It's a pain but there is a reason.  A year ago, Bruce and I purchased a sail boat whom we named "Shy Lady". This winter the two of us pulled our boat down to the Sea of Cortez and had a lovely 20th anniversary trip. When we arrived home, my exuberant husband felt the need to share with the world of 'YouTube' our videos...thus the need for a name under our profile that would also work for directing people toward the link. No doubt if we

Family Matters

It is a sad fact that I spent the first fifteen years of our family's history trying to figure out if we were a "real" family. From the beginning of our marriage I often wondered, are we a family yet?  I mean, before kids arrive, are you really a family yet? Somewhere in the confusion of having babies and being up all hours of the night; I still didn't know. Real living kept throwing me off. It kinda felt like, after the living room is cleaned, we can be a family. Or, when I figure out how to do the laundry and cleaning and meals in one day then... I will deem myself "good enough" to be called Mom and Wife of my family, then... I will be part of a real family.  I also made the mistake of having ideals that seemed perfectly normal to me. Ideals such as...Real families, spent a good hour every morning reading the Bible together and discussing world events after which they pray together. Real families spend every minute possible with each other. Real

Mr. Genius

Today was a Language Arts quiz and also spelling words. I have been away from school for two days. They tried to tell me they didn't know there would be a quiz and that they were not ready for a spelling test.  I said, "Not gonna work my little friends. You are intelligent young children and you know the order of things without being told...It is your job to be prepared." It's a bummer when the teacher doesn't feel merciful to the neglectful; merciful she was not. And so the spelling words were given; the sad results of about half the students was what you see on the top picture. The method of earning an 80% is to do what I ask each of them that fail, also seen above... However, I have created a genius using these methods. Let me explain...Right before story time I tell them, now would be a good time to correct those spelling words. Mr. Genius brings me three pencils and asks for help in sharpening them. The classroom sharpener is an old manual that do

Lost in the Terrible

It is true we have so much to be thankful for and we should never complain. I know this stuff, you know this stuff.  However, it is March and winter has been long and I think I will just say what's been my struggle in the whole "happy bit". I can take a little bit of hard. Scratch that. I can take a whole lot of hard. I am brave. I am strong. And then, there is sickness and schedules and meetings galore, and then, there is no time to have heart to heart talks with husband and children, everything is on the run, like fast food, and eventually there is a break down. Enough of the ands, right? Also, there are precious few moments to read a Bible verse or two or breath a little prayer. So, I shove on hoping this luxury will simply fall out of the sky, yet knowing if I want this to happen I will have to make it happen. Somehow. Meanwhile,I squeak out a "Help!" and wait for relief.  Getting lost in the Terrible of Life, just happens sometimes. Whil