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Spring Cleaning the Blog

Some of you will fuss and fume but I needed to update this blog. Please be patient with me while we both get used to this new look. You can still find all my favorite blogs and about me if you poke around long enough. I am a little nervous about how to get in to write a new seems I have lost my design and editing button with this new format. I guess that's the kinda thing you get when you demand change.

I also felt the need to explain why it is that all my latest posts have dubbed me "Sailing Shy Lady". It's a pain but there is a reason.

 A year ago, Bruce and I purchased a sail boat whom we named "Shy Lady". This winter the two of us pulled our boat down to the Sea of Cortez and had a lovely 20th anniversary trip. When we arrived home, my exuberant husband felt the need to share with the world of 'YouTube' our videos...thus the need for a name under our profile that would also work for directing people toward the link.

No doubt if we hired a web designer; I could have my pretty little blog separate from this world of sailing and I would have my own name in which to write in this world of writing. However, I am too cheap and busy living real life to care at this point and also our worlds are pretty combined... if you know what I mean.

And just to let you all know, Bruce did post another sailing video this weekend and it has a few beautiful scenes of us flying this sail for the first go there and enjoy...

Hopefully, I will be back later this week with a few other thoughts that have been poking around in my head...Have a good one.


  1. Here's how to see our sailing channel...go to You Tube and look for Sailing Shy Lady...


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