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True Peace/ Love Holds

Peace on Earth goodwill toward men is an illusory thing at our house on a Sunday morning. Between the battle for a hot shower, who helps fix dinner, and who shovels the snow, peace sorta disappears in a "poof". I sat down yesterday morning after trying hard to make all this a peaceful occasion, After all, it's Christmas...Why are we bickering about the simple and basic things of life? Why do we ever? How good it would be if we could get a glimpse of the non- importance of perfectly prepared meals, sidewalks, and hot water. But that also is not reality. We love our creature comforts and practises which make our lives more convenient later. Just not every family has a mom that sits reeling afterward wondering how she can make them all be kind in application. I take things too personal, or so I've been told. How to not? It is personal. They are my people. I have a deep connection with them...bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. But peace can be invented and