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Because I Can't Explain

And also because I am so very far behind with writing and thoughts and because that really bothers me...I am doing a picture post to bring you up to date with our lives. This is a photo I took the day after we signed papers for a house on Diamond Lake. Yes, we bought our dream home. And yes, we own two homes currently but listed the one in Bonners Ferry today because well, it's just plain extravagant and foolish to own two homes when you are forty and not at all set up for your golden years. The plan was to eventually move somewhere closer to Spokane, Washington for Bruce to begin practicing nursing...graduation is in the spring if he passes his final semester...That we are doing it this early in the game might be foolish too. We will surely find out. However, It seemed like a golden opportunity when we found this lovely property on Diamond Lake at an affordable price, at least, affordable for a lake side property.  In the meantime, we continue to live and br