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Longings For God's People

In a single day so much can hit you sideways, like hail on skin. I often wonder why it is that God made some people with better resiliency than I seem to have. Did He make me weak and sensitive and fragile or did I become that way from being worn down and because I don't have my roots deep down? And why is it some can be given far greater trials than I and come forth as gold? Such questions are too deep for me and so at the end of the day, I run back to the arms of my Abba Father. Once there, it becomes clear that I am not to question my lack and frailties. I simply surrender to worship. I cave in and fall flat on my face in awe of what God is doing. I can't see anything visibly but I know He is doing far more than I can imagine or think...(Eph 3;20)  Going to church service has been my hard thing, yet it has been my needed thing. Let me try to explain. I go there every day, to that building, since our school and church is combined. I teach the children of my frien

Some Things You Cannot Know

It is rather painful to be waiting on answers but I think it would be worse to know too much. It's during the time of not having answers or a plan, we must learn to rely most heavily on God and His divine knowledge. We are currently in a time of waiting and discouragement. Bruce is nearing the end of his second semester of nursing school and it is not looking good. Fact is, we are trying to face reality that he may be looking at doing this semester over. We are still striving and praying and giving it everything we got to make this semester a success. But it looks pretty bleak. While not  knowing if we will succeed is hard, giving up would be even harder.  It also means that I can acclimate myself to thinking about working a job a couple more years. Which I really feel sad about...spoiled lady that I am. I have already given my word to teach another school year, this much I already know. But imagine looking at being near the top of Mount Everest and then finding out you ne

Abundance of Life in Messes

You know what? Even a person that likes to clean up messes gets tired of mud and goo prints and sticky floors. I am happiest at break time at school when there are dishes in the sink just waiting to be washed. It gives me a little thinking space after locking horns with a particularly difficult situation in the classroom. Washing something always helps center me. But still, I wonder why there is so much dirt always? The kids aren't difficult on purpose. But they are normal and they all battle their wills the same as I. I love to see the struggle of them fighting to be heard and also giving up being heard. I love when I see the struggle, because then I know there is hope for learning.  I was thinking about abundance this week. There has been an abundance of many things, not all of them fun. Like the foolishness of children throwing trash anyplace and setting up lunch tables in strange configurations. I have found spiders made with permanent marker printed on toilet paper roll