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End of Summer...

I’m supposed to be packing our suitcases but I woke up with this thing chasing around my  head and it hasn’t left me all day. It not even a mind blowing thought. I wish I was able to inspire you with my pretty thoughts and words but that doesn’t seem to be one of my talents. So, you get it ugly and short and not very coherent probably… I woke up around four this morning with my brain buzzing with the cares of the world. Bruce and I have been bumping into discussions all summer and we can’t seem to sit down and actually get them discussed. Things like baptism and head veiling and other church stuff or Biblical living. Call it what works for you. We also have had some upheaval in some of our friends leaving our church for less legalism or a more spiritual atmosphere. Not that I think our church is perfect or anything. I’m there so it’s going to be a little less than perfect. Anyway, I love my church family and have pretty well established in my mind that people find