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Merry Christmas

Spreading a little cheer.... From Judy's house and front porch...  We had coffee over their last night and I wanted to share her beautiful arrangements... Merry Christmas!

Friends @ Christmas

  We had a fun filled evening last night with friends we seldom see these days.  Matt and Amy are here for Christmas and Hans and Jo are here as well.  Altogether we had 15 kids and ten adults.  Things are a little different than the days when we had only one child each.   Amy helped with all the food and put the finishing touches on the party by adding wonderful starbucks coffee beans and Lindtt dark chocolate mints.  I'll let Amy talk about the food...  We made a bunch of appetizer foods and I really am not a very good food artist.....           Okay, so now I get to talk!  (It's Amy)   Shilah put on the most amazing wonderful party for us!  Bruces are living in a really big house right now so she was able to really give a nice party without the feeling squished in a house like sardines.  She used white and green and brought in the green from outside.  The light was dimmed just right and the table was beautiful.  I felt luxurious and spoiled.  So anyhow, the food....  Shila


I love this color of green.  So fresh and clean.... and full of hope... Thoughts about Christmas and the season.  Last night I watched Sabina Wurbrant or is it Sabrina Wurbandt?  Sorry,  I forget the details of her real name.... What I remember is her testimony of her time in prison.  She talked of our words.  Are we blessing or cursing in adversity.  She kept repeating a verse.  "Let the redeemed of the Lord, SAY so"  She said we say so by how we bless or curse what the Lord has given us.   Such wisdom.  She said to study Psalm 107 as they were able to remember that Psalm in prison.  Her testimony gave hope to many.  Hope:  A reason to LIVE....  The gift of Jesus!    Live.  Hope.   Bless. 

Snow snow and more snow...

This is what its all about lately.  Once it starts this year, it can't stop.  I guess it's making up for lost time last year.  Anyhow, the kids live out there.  School was cancelled yesterday so I even went out and went sledding for the first time in years.  It's gorgeous.  It's also a trial to the mail man.  It's hard to drive up to a mailbox and deliver the mail with out getting sucked into the ditch.  Yesterday the semi from Spokane was stuck in Naples till ten-thirty so Bruce didn't get his mail til much later than usual.  Needless to say the house has come to a screeching halt the last couple of weeks.  [That is the building of the house]...We have much to be thankful for... We're warm and we are family...