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I love this color of green.  So fresh and clean....
and full of hope...
Thoughts about Christmas and the season.  Last night I watched Sabina Wurbrant or is it Sabrina Wurbandt?  Sorry,  I forget the details of her real name.... What I remember is her testimony of her time in prison.  She talked of our words.  Are we blessing or cursing in adversity.  She kept repeating a verse.  "Let the redeemed of the Lord, SAY so"  She said we say so by how we bless or curse what the Lord has given us.   Such wisdom.  She said to study Psalm 107 as they were able to remember that Psalm in prison.  Her testimony gave hope to many.  Hope:  A reason to LIVE....  The gift of Jesus!    Live.  Hope.   Bless. 
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  1. Very nice, So are you going to send me a snail mail copy.

  2. Oh, can I have a picture like that???? Beautiful!

  3. Such a nice family pic and nice words too. like a piece of chocolate they were! :)

  4. Hi Shilah,
    I was up with my baby late tonite and checked out your blog. I love it. Such beautiful photography and tasteful decorating. Can you come help me do my livingroom? :) God bless....and thanks for your comment on my site a while ago.


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