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Vacation Part 2

After a long day of sailing, Dave and Laura Shirk, relatives of Bruce, met us on their boat and guided us to a dock they had requested of friends for us. These kind people let us tie our boat at their private dock for three more days so we could take people sailing there in Sarasota. Our boat was tied just a couple houses down from this beautiful home. Dave and Laura took us and all our luggage on to their boat and then we went out for a lovely dinner on the water...afterward they delivered us to Bruce's parents house where we were reunited with our kiddoes. Why are sunsets so pretty on the water? We were able to take Bruce's Grandpa Good sailing! And experience taking a golf cart to the drug store...with Grandpa Good driving...which is a miracle in itself that it was all done so safely. 😁 He's good at this golf cart driving...but scary. Bruce's parents took us to many restaurants while we were there; Der Dutchman twice, because his mom

Vacation Part 1

Warning! Serious photo dump in process... They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I have about 29,000 right here... May 31, 2017...7:00 A.M. At our first boat check station in Troy, Montana, I discovered this in my back least we look like we mean it... In Thomson Falls, Montana we experienced a great thud and grinding noises... We got off the road and two minutes later, God sent this kind gentleman to aid and assist. Pretty crazy of us, but we did not have the proper jack or tire iron to fix a flat, so this man was definitely a God send seeing he had the proper tools. Also we went directly to a tire shop and got better equipped after we got the spare on. Lesson Day 1: God provides magnificently at all times. Why do we ever worry? Out the window...all day was a pleasure... 1st night we slept in the boat off the road...then awoke to this sunrise and traveled country roads for a good part of the next day... I love country roads...gre

What is Love

Because there is just too much to say after three weeks of not writing here...I am going to tell you about our vacation later. Today I harvested my herbs and perennials for drying and had deep thoughts about life; thoughts about how prayer works and is often ignored in my life. I had thoughts about how challenging it is to meet the needs of my "tribe". and how often I miss the need by feeling frustrations toward the problems instead of heeding compassion and kindness for what is really  going on to make them tick that way.  Recently, the kids and I watched a movie that helped me realize the heart of Jesus a little more. I was thinking about the pain and rejection Jesus encountered here on earth trying to communicate God's love to a broken fallen world.  When trying to escape the pain and suffering I often find myself in; I realize that this  is what Jesus calls me to. This  is what living as Jesus means. It means loving back anyway. It means laying aside my hu