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A Greater Purpose

                           It seems sometimes you have to go through the same things of life repeatedly to get the truth that God is trying to teach you cemented in your mind I spent hours yesterday standing over the sink, scrubbing carrots. What to do with all our bounty was a real thought. I was thinking about God’s blessings and provision. Those “sweet beautiful carrots” being one of them and yet at the same time they seemed to work against my lazy flesh. I liked the blessing but did not like the work that went with the blessing. How great is God’s way of showing us the greater purpose by giving us carrots to scrub. I scrubbed and pondered more. Suddenly the last four weeks of mind games and torture came clear. I might add they were mind games and a torture of my own making. I would like to blame someone else naturally, but I digress. God wants me to use the stuff of life to teach me to grow up. God wants to show me how to put into pra