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Spring Break

Spring break started on Thursday and we are having a lovely time.  On Thursday the kids and I went to April's house for the day and in the evening, April and I left our kiddies at home with there daddies while we went to Sandpoint. Friday, the kids and I did a bunch of cleaning and then took a bike ride out of town.  The sun was shining gloriously but was still cold. Late afternoon, we walked to the library, and then over to the ambulance barn, where Bruce was finishing up working. From there, we drove in his pretty Jeep half a block to the Panhandle Restaurant for supper out.   Today, Shaunti is having a tea party with Anika, a friend from school.  They decorated these wonderful little cupcakes that turned out so cute.  Their tea looked disgusting, which they said was delicious from adding a secret ingredient.  We found out later it was smarties. The taste buds of the young... gross...  This is where Shaunti says, "It's not sweet nuff" an

Praise the Lord Anyway..

     The other morning while I was working at the Post Office, Sherry Beck, a sweet lady whom we have the privilege of working beside, when asked how she was today, answered with a chirpy "good!" she continued with "might as well be!"  It reminded me of my Grandpa Skrivseth.  He would often say, "Praise the Lord, anyway" on hearing something negative. I remembered being embarrassed beyond words when he would answer the phone with "Good Morning, Praise the Lord!"  How foolish to be embarrassed by something so full of God's way.  I was pretty young.  I'll use that for my excuse.      I'm learning that this is the attitude to have.  Psalm 90:14-17 caught my attention this week.  Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.  It's pretty much saying praise the Lord anyway.  Some mornings I don't feel joy about my present circumstances but to remember that Jesus satisfies fi