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June Gone By...

     Life is moving by at such a rapid pace I forget to catch my breath...  June has been a fast full month and I can't remembered what we did... Let me try to break it down.      School was barely out and the girls went to VBS for two weeks every morning except weekends of course.  During that eventful time, our church had its annual camp-out. A very good relaxing weekend for that, we took the camper out for the first time this year.  Bruce actually had that Sat. off work and was there at camp with us the whole time.  We took lots of firewood and sat like two old married people in each other presence by our campfire and just enjoyed doing nothing.  Sometimes there wasn't even conversation.  Just sitting quietly together. I will admit, Bruce had to pull me down into my chair now and then.  Without him, I forget to relax.       The following week was more VBS and picking strawberries and weeding over at the other garden on Oxford.  Then, we would come home and work here trying

Life Story Problems

     Remember Math? Remember when you finally got the hang of a story problem, whether it was wanting you to add, subtract, multiply, or divide? Or all of the above in the same story problem? And then to throw you off track you were given a story problem that would just not figure no matter what you came up with until you finally concluded: Not Enough Information. Those were my favorite. Those, you could forget about and move on.       I wish life was like that.  If things don't make sense; it would be oh so lovely to relax with the not enough information excuse and forget about it. Unfortunately, I believe we have the opposite condition: Too Much Information.  So much so, that if you want to read up on anything, you can find more than you want to know.There's  enough to boggle your mind that it makes your perception for actual "doing", skewed.     That's a common problem for those of us who like to read and write.  We get so busy reading everything we think we&