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February Blahs...It has a purpose.... I think....

Might as well write while the sun shines… Glorious fact, my computer light is on. Now that I have the time and internet to boot; I’ve been fighting with the technology to actually work. I prayed for the time to write and now that I have it, my inspiration has floated away. It’s Feb and cold and gray. What started out as a good year has taken a turn for even better, I’m sure. Just can’t feel it right now. It seems bad, but I’m sure its doing something good for our character. And then I wonder what is so bad about my character that its constantly getting a kick to be brighter, be bolder, be happier. Wasn’t I already thankful, grateful, and obedient? When can I have a break from the constant work and grime of life? Never? Oh, this is true… Not till I am in heaven; safe in the arms of my Maker. I KNOW all this momentarily and then I do my everyday mundane chores and forget. I forget so fast. That’s why the constant work and grime. To help me remember that God has a wa

House Tour

Earlier this week, I was quite discouraged with the progress of this move/project.  I spent Monday, defeated and blue. Until I read a book about an incredible deception that took place after 911. And then, beautiful anniversary flowers and a husband who puts up with my moments of defeat by doing exactly the right thing really helps discouraging days too.   The book... The reason it helped was because it got my mind off myself and it was truly mind boggling to read.  I realized that my piddly moments of discouragement are nothing compared to how so many people live their lives surrounded by lies and how much freedom there is in the truth. So today, in an attempt to further the cause of doing for others, I invited those especially nice ladies, who helped me paint, clean, or move; to my house for coffee/brunch. And I gave them a house tour of what we DO have started here.  Nevertheless, my discouragement over the progress of things, vaporized as I saw the place through their eyes

Valentines Day

Today is the day of love and romance.  Toria wished this morning that every day could be Valentines Day.  I think it may have had something to do with the pretty cupcakes we made and the strawberry, flavored ,heart-shaped marshmallows she was passing out to her class.  I was thankful for Jesus' words this morning.  Jesus simplifies life if you do what He said to do. We read if anyone ask you to go a mile, to go with him two.  If anyone slaps you on the cheek, turn the other one also. That really does take away what I think I deserve when 'my rights' are violated.  It takes care of the battle of wanting my way and the threat of every day meanness that happens if you live and are a human being.  People ARE gonna be mean some days.  We won't always be treated lovely.  We should expect this.  Real love is doing my part in spite of the common meanness. It means, everyday me doing my part of acting how Jesus said to act with no worry how I am treated.  That is my valentine