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House Tour

Earlier this week, I was quite discouraged with the progress of this move/project.  I spent Monday, defeated and blue. Until I read a book about an incredible deception that took place after 911.

And then, beautiful anniversary flowers and a husband who puts up with my moments of defeat by doing exactly the right thing really helps discouraging days too.   The book... The reason it helped was because it got my mind off myself and it was truly mind boggling to read.  I realized that my piddly moments of discouragement are nothing compared to how so many people live their lives surrounded by lies and how much freedom there is in the truth.

So today, in an attempt to further the cause of doing for others, I invited those especially nice ladies, who helped me paint, clean, or move; to my house for coffee/brunch. And I gave them a house tour of what we DO have started here.  Nevertheless, my discouragement over the progress of things, vaporized as I saw the place through their eyes, after having last seen it in bad shape, when they were here helping me about four weeks ago... so, let me share with you... Front door...Welcome...

 Not a long walk to the recliner... count your blessing where you can, I always say.

Both angles of the living room. Starting to feel like home...

Office area is behind this couch.  Bruce's idea.  Which I didn't think would work, but found out it does work very nicely indeed. Oh, its not a very long walk to the kitchen either...

Kitchen and dining happen to be all in one area.  We are still playing with this room.  The table was the other directions until two days ago.  Bruce wants it to go back.  He's probably right. Again.

You wouldn't believe it, but I got rid of so much stuff.  I kept my favorite collections...

Can't part with the roosters now can we? They're so nice in their proper place.  Like, corners and such...

Hallway painted nicely. " You clean up good" as the saying goes...

Little bathroom.  It's working. We will all be so glad to get one more eventually. I won't tell you more about that tho...

My beautiful green/white bedroom... It will be when I'm done anyway.  Need to do something about bedding.  Finally, am tired of red. Almost.
And, the ladies left me with all these leftovers.  The scones are lemon/rosemary, and the french toast casserole isn't too bad either. Please stop by for some anytime...Hope you enjoyed the tour. I charge by the hour so since this took at least that long....Just kidding...


  1. Enjoyed the visual tour!! Would enjoy a real one too. :-)

    1. You are welcome anytime, Dena, Looks like we'll be here awhile.

  2. I love it!! I must stop in sometime. :)

    1. Please do Kendra, And I; to your new abode. So happy for your move and can't wait to see that older homestead up close.


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