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These Are a Few of My favorite Things

My Entry way... How I shall miss thee... Thy calm, serene color... I took a bunch of pictures before I packed it all away.  It will be my comfort on a day I need more "pretty" My favorite color as well as favorite collection of things...  Oh you beautiful,  beautiful , green/blue thingys... I get to take my house plants with me.   All is going well with the moving.  I had two weeks of wonderful help.  While Jess was here, we did corn and lots of packing boxes.  While she did the laundry and dishes I was able to kiss my things goodbye as I packed them in boxes.  We are moving next Monday and Tuesday.  We actually can't move into our rental until Sat. the eighteenth so we are packing an enclosed trailer full.  Also, the new homeowner said we could use half the garage for a week while we wait.  We'll be staying at Mom and Dads house in-be-tween places.  That's all for now...  I'll keep you posted.  Har har...