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What Makes A Mom

                                 Happy Mothers Day All,   Instead of a new post this weekend I decided to re share a post I wrote probably four years ago.  It still explains how life happens being a mom.  My kids are older and less dependent on me but the context of motherhood is much the same... In celebration of mothers everywhere...please enjoy your weekend... I wonder who came up with Mothers Day? A thoughtful husband or thankful son. Maybe it was a worn out mom with a bunch of snot nosed kids to feed, diaper, and clothe. The last choice seems the most accurate but I don’t know of course.  I know from experience when I’m in my most mommiest mode; I don’t feel worthy of a day dedicated to the cause. I feel worn out and ugly those days. They are the kind of days I pray that miraculously my children will one day have fond memories of their mom. So, what makes a mom? It’s much more than nine months of expectations while life is being formed inside your body.

He Did It...

We just got the news... Bruce passed his test.  He is now an official EMT! Bruce and I are actually gone to the mountains for two days.  We are staying in this sweet little cabin that has no cell phone service.  We have been having a wonderful time.  Just got back from a very nice dinner out and getting a phone call from Bruce's instructor that said he has been looking at the wrong info for his score. After a quick search we see it...  Anyhow, we are elated to say the least. Out for dinner after the practicals test... A week ago We are all so glad to be back to normal... Whatever that is... Yee Doggies!