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Family.... Thoughts About Our Christmas Day

Family becomes real and important when you are experiencing it, while others you know personally, don't have it. At our house, we have started a Christmas Eve tradition of emptying our stockings after a delicious Christmas supper and then later in the evening, we make room in our already crowded living room for the air mattress, blankets, and pillows, after which, we move in for a family sleepover.  We started doing this when the kids were little.  This year, there was one person on the recliner, two on couches, and two on the air mattress.  Christmas Eve, as we settled into our sleepover;  We told the children about a co-worker who is all alone this Christmas.  This is a person who has gone through divorce in the last year, and who also struggles with alcohol and depression.  Prior to this, the children had been excited about what they'd find in their stockings and the real gifts they were planning to open in the morning..  After our true story, things were a bit more bala

My Children Are Growing Up

   This evening we watched old family movies of when these great big kids were babies or much littler....I became ever so nostalgic with these photos so fresh in my mind.  These were taken last night before our Christmas program given by the school children.  Laife is going to be fifteen very soon.  He's becoming quite handsome in his old age. Victoria just got newer, more grown-up frames.  She is looking so beautiful and elegant to me.  Of course, I am rather prejudice.  Shaunti is still my baby although, I rarely get the chubby armed hugs I used to be smothered with.  She's turning into a fine young lady as well.  I sure love those kiddies. What can I say about this rather fortyish looking couple?  We are still madly in love with each other, though in an entirely different way than eighteen years ago.  I think it's better now. I think Bruce thinks so too. :)     The whole school wishing you a "Merry Christmas"  70 plus students... Always a special e

Monday Musings

What a week and weekend!  This one will prove to be even more challenging because of the Christmas rush.  I plan to help Bruce with packages every day this week. Last week we signed papers and finally finished the deal of selling our house on Oxford.  And then, we paid a bunch of bills.  And drove to Moses Lake to upgrade our vehicle. And took the kids shopping a whole day.  Plus, the regular job.  So what I'm saying, things were wonderful and crazy.  Quite.   And of course, through it all, my brain is working on writing things and processing life.  It's some kind of illness, I am sure, to have to write all your thoughts down to be at peace.   I try to be light and fluffy, hoping it will all just go away. It doesn't.  I've been thinking about writers and styles.  Bruce and I had the usual conversation on our way to Moses Lake about successful authors and how they got to be that way.  This discussion is usual, because my kids and husband are constantly ribbing

Seasonal Cheer

                 One morning this week, I was inspired to   make my own reed diffuser.                  I had all the stuff I was needing... apricot oil, tangerine essential oil, bamboo skewers,   an old brown bottle, and my favorite incense sticks...                                                                             1st- the apricot oil...about 4 oz. in bottle       and then the tangerine essential oil.. about 2 oz.    bamboo skewers plus one incense stick to add a little  earthiness...     It fits perfectly on my new bathroom shelf...  It smells beautiful but not strong yet. In a week or so, I'll add another interesting essential oil.  One can always keep adding or taking away parts of the composition.  When you are me, the options change constantly.  Have a good weekend... may your preparing for Christmas be happy and inspirational.  Or not. Sometimes its good to just be. 

The Emperor's New Clothes...Analyzed

This fairy tale is one of Hans Christian Andersen's. It is also one of those I like.  Most fairy tales are filled with unrealistic creatures, such as animals talking, or about a wood land nymph leaning against a giant mushroom on a bed of moss, or little wisps leading you through a haunted forest right to a pot of gold.  I like this one, because it depicts people so well. ( I also have a thing for "Horton Hears a Who" by Dr. Seuss, so I may not be the best judge. That's another subject for another time...) I recently reread The Emperors New Clothes to Shaunti and was again made aware of peoples' weaknesses and how we in general, are not able to see ourselves for who we truly are. The Emperors weakness was: He liked new clothes and he liked to wear them and show them off. Maybe he was insecure about things and this was his way of dealing with it.  I don't know, the story doesn't say. But, I recognize, we being people, have weaknesses like this as well.

Nothing New Under the Sun and Embarrassing Moments

This Christmas season, I had the idea I was going to be original and decorate with mostly white and a dash of red.  On Thanksgiving morning we hung a shelf in the living room and the kids and I began our endeavors. We got it sort of accomplished, but by Saturday, my shelf fell off the wall three times and we gave up.   That same afternoon, Bruce sent Laife out to the tool shed to make a shelf out of rough pine.   Laife wanted me to leave it alone, but I insisted it must be painted white and did so promptly.  It turned out quite smashing.    I found out I wasn't original though.  I went to looking at other peoples ideas on blogs and such and guess what I found a lot of?  Yes.  White with a dash of red.  I was telling this to Bruce as I redecorated with my new shelf and he said," So now you're taking pictures so you can blog what's already been done and show all your people how cool you are?"  Was that scoffing me?  I said to him, "Yes, I know it's silly