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Monday Musings

What a week and weekend!  This one will prove to be even more challenging because of the Christmas rush.  I plan to help Bruce with packages every day this week.
Last week we signed papers and finally finished the deal of selling our house on Oxford.  And then, we paid a bunch of bills.  And drove to Moses Lake to upgrade our vehicle. And took the kids shopping a whole day.  Plus, the regular job.  So what I'm saying, things were wonderful and crazy.  Quite. 

 And of course, through it all, my brain is working on writing things and processing life.  It's some kind of illness, I am sure, to have to write all your thoughts down to be at peace.   I try to be light and fluffy, hoping it will all just go away. It doesn't. 

I've been thinking about writers and styles.  Bruce and I had the usual conversation on our way to Moses Lake about successful authors and how they got to be that way.  This discussion is usual, because my kids and husband are constantly ribbing me about "being published" or "writing the next great American novel".  Which I always deny and say I don't even want that.  And they say, "You're just being modest, you would too love that," and then I deny it even more.

The truth is, I am driven to write and if it is never officially published, I will still write.  My goal isn't to attain a following or popularity.  I've done my share of scoffing the wannabe writer and the high calling they sometimes come across as having.  I wrote to an author this summer, whom I greatly admire.  She is older and wiser about this world of writing and gave me much food for thought about what we think we want to achieve, about greatness, and about the fact that authors are just people.  People, with a gift of writing.  No more importance should be placed on their lives, than of a parent to a child. If God gives you words to write that glorifies Himself, then to with hold them because of fear of what people will think, is being neglectful.

I was thinking about Jesus.  I remembered how the Bible said He taught in parables.  I was wondering why and went to the gospels to study it.  Three out of four gospels say the purpose of parables. It goes something like this:  because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.  This, Jesus quoted out of Isaiah 6.  His purpose of saying things in parables, was to make it a little more possible to understand. Instead of tackling the subject head on, He used little stories to make the point He was trying to drive into the peoples hearts and minds.  This is why I write.  It reaches into my heart and mind better if I turn it into an example I am able to think through.

Oswald Chambers wrote this: "The author who benefits you most is not the one who tells you something you did not know before, but the one who gives expression to the truth that has been dumbly struggling in you for utterance."   I love that.

The verse that is in my mind today is what we read this morning in our family devotion. It has been struggling in me for utterance and I needed the reminder this morning.  Psalm 71:3a  Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort...  The whole verse was perfectly fitting for all the thoughts buzzing around my present circumstances.

I've been hearing a song that also says it right.  The phrase is this:  Here's my broken hallelujah...More words that go straight to my heart because "I get it"  I won't try to explain this one.  If it fits, you'll understand.

The thing I'm noticing about Christmas this year is the gifts.  We give what we have.  maybe it's only a broken hallelujah.  I bring my gifts. God knows what they are.  I give them all to my Saviour.  Maybe I have a great one. One that is big and important in God's eyes only. It's still a gift to bring. The point isn't the size of my gift.  It's: What is making Jesus big and great in my heart?

 And my final thought on gifts; of course, is Jesus, the greatest gift ever. Without Him, I would be lonely, confused, weary, guilty, sad, etc... but because of Him, I am comforted, counselled, energized, free, and joyful.


  1. Hey you are a published writer already. Every time you're done posting you push that publish button! :)

    1. Yes, and I also know how much you like when writers talk about writing. Which is not what I did. :)

  2. In my mind, honesty about thoughts an feelings is completely refreshing ...Thanks for sharing :-) I feel like I've been so busy with seasonal jazz that I haven't taken proper time to meditate on the most precious gift of all. Reading what you've wrote encourages Me to do so :-)

    1. Seasonal jazz, a very descriptive phrase for what happens this time of year if we don't take the time to think about the real reason. Thanks for saying.

  3. The Oswald Chambers quote is wonderful.

    I like your thoughts about writing and about Jesus.

    Your home is soooo pretty! I just want to come and sit in it for a bit. With you, of course.


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