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Ice Skating Last Sunday

La Grande Showoff... The 35 ish couple that look their age... And all three of the rascals that belong to us... Ain't life cold and grand?

Gods Provision

I have three beautiful books to read and instead I feel this incredible need to write. That’s frustrating, because what I have to say is hard to articulate. Why do other people find it so easy to explain what they’re thinking? And how do other people process things without much ado when I have to look at the thing from all the different angles and talk so much about it. Nobody really wants to know what I’m thinking so why do I feel like it’s so all-fired important to write it or say it or share so many thoughts? OK. So the thought that won’t let me go this week was God’s provision. God provides everything we need for every day. When the family is sick for weeks on end; I praise God for a house, food, medicine, and clothes where with all we are able to get better under the best of conditions. What if we lived in a grass hut in the scorching sun with no food or water that was clean enough to drink? Why am I so blessed? When peace doesn’t reign in the house like I think it s

Family times and the making of a 3d snowflake

Laife is learning to play the guitar.  Over New Years, in Oregon, Bruce bought Laife, Gerardo's electric guitar.  The house has been filled with music.  I love it! Also, Laife is twelve.  He has reminded me a couple times since his birthday that next year he'll be a teenager... He is also into playing chess.  He received this glass chess game for his birthday. As anyone who visits knows; this is what we do best in the evenings in winter. And here is the beautiful snowflake that my cousin Michelle taught me how to make while we were in Oregon.  If you want to see the directions, look it up on You Tube.  Super easy and fun to make.