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Fall Green and Thoughts About Wimpy Christians

Don't let the title dissuade you. I'm not admitting fall is in the air, but there has definitely been a break in the heat and the rains over the weekend have certainly greened up the grass I've been struggling to keep alive. The air is cooler too. Its almost like I smell... dare I say it? Well...fall. Now that we have that out in the open, I will attempt to put into words what I really want to say. It's about Jesus. And living for Him. And trying to explain why you shouldn't try so hard to be smart and in control and freaked out when things go so very wrong. Because we live in a fallen world, because we are humans prone to mistakes...and things will go bad, rotten, and is the nature of things...because of these things we get discouraged and begin to question the goodness of God.  We also begin to question who God is when we are following too closely on the heels of people. We feel safe when we follow other Christ followers, especially those that