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Spring Cleaning & Easter

                                                                                             What does spring-cleaning and Easter have in common? Probably nothing but I was trying to sew Easter dresses and spilled coffee all over the floor, wall, sewing machine, and my project. I decided that instead of sewing maybe I could attempt writing. My connection with the two is probably mind boggling to normal people so it’s seems worthless to go into at all but since it won’t leave me alone I’ll try to explain. I like the idea of spring cleaning because it’s getting rid of the old winter grime and cobwebs and making some new beginnings. Spring-cleaning always makes me do some cleaning inwardly of what’s going on in my heart and mind and sometimes it isn’t much fun. I’d much rather physically clean. For that matter, most people would rather hear about the house cleaning and yard cleaning aspects of spring rather than the soul cleaning. I get weary of trying to keep up with

Important Papers and Other Things...

I finally found them.  I know that I got A's and B's in school but haven't been able to prove it to my husband or children for lack of evidence.  I know I was baptized, have been immunized, and took a floral design course by mail.  I know that I got my GED after going halfway through high school with no teacher in the CLE curriculum.  I know these things but haven't seen the papers to prove it, until the other day I opened my cedar chest and went through the disorganized mess. I even found my marriage certificate.  That was something I would think about and wonder if I was actually married because I barely remember signing anything. I found old journals of my young life and of dating.  I found photo albums of dating and a wedding planner.  I revisited all the old spots of my life and thought about the past.  Why are these papers important?  If I never found them to prove to my family that I am who I think I am. Would it matter?  Does it matter to my kids that I got A&


Shaunti & Snoopy have their morning talk... In which she says,"Snoopy Dog, I love you so much."  And then she grabs him and kisses him smack on his furry mouth and I feel faint wondering about the germs. A rare moment this winter... Everyone fits but me... I'm the maid... you can't see me cuz I'm out in  the kitchen cleaning up the dishes from the delicious supper I made.  See how happy and contented they all appear?  It's cuz I'm in there slaving away washing up the crummy plates for the fifteenth time this week.  I'm also smiling and singing to myself cuz I'm happy and contented to be cleaning up those crummy plates. I really am.  What if they didn't have me to keep them all thriving??? And sometimes I just blabber to toot my own horn cuz see, they forgot.   They're still hanging out on the couch wondering what's for dessert.