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Spring Cleaning & Easter


What does spring-cleaning and Easter have in common? Probably nothing but I was trying to sew Easter dresses and spilled coffee all over the floor, wall, sewing machine, and my project. I decided that instead of sewing maybe I could attempt writing.

My connection with the two is probably mind boggling to normal people so it’s seems worthless to go into at all but since it won’t leave me alone I’ll try to explain. I like the idea of spring cleaning because it’s getting rid of the old winter grime and cobwebs and making some new beginnings. Spring-cleaning always makes me do some cleaning inwardly of what’s going on in my heart and mind and sometimes it isn’t much fun. I’d much rather physically clean. For that matter, most people would rather hear about the house cleaning and yard cleaning aspects of spring rather than the soul cleaning. I get weary of trying to keep up with the clutter I allow to accumulate in my heart and mind. We have all kinds of Martha Stewart type magazines and books on organizing, cleaning, and planning yet no one wants to talk about how to keep the proper attitude as a wife and mom clean, neat, and organized. Is it even possible?

I’m easily overwhelmed if I don’t get the results I was hoping for in keeping a godly attitude. This winter has been long and hard for me personally because we had a lot of sickness to deal with and because my husband is taking his EMT classes, holding down a regular job, and being a volunteer for three other organizations. Those are my reasons for letting things build up and getting weary in well doing. Was it Paul who said he had learned to be content in all things? That would be this, right? What I have gotten from friends about this has been sympathy or pity. Want I want is godly encouragement. I’m already so prone to self-pity. I want tools, guides, and maybe a little bossing to get through this.

I get a little disappointed when I hear that other women would rather hush their own issues and not deal with them out loud. I have a friend who was admonished for not being able to school in her emotions better. She was advised to try to not show so much expression on her face. I wonder how encouraging that is. We can hide behind serene expressions all day long but if we aren’t dealing with the dust and clutter in our hearts; it’s going to come out somewhere sometime and it won’t be pretty.

So here’s my soul cleaning tips that I have found. #1. Prayer to God for strength and faith to walk through this season and then doing it. Sitting around waiting doesn’t work. Faith is doing what we believe but cannot see.

#2. Perusing the scriptures. Underline the gold nuggets and apply them. This is not something you can hire out. You have to do all. By. Yourself.

#3. Make your own map. We all have a different situation. How I submit to my husband won’t be anything like your map of submitting to yours. Same way in serving God. He has given us all different situations. The only thing that will be the same is the Guide Book.

The verse that has been my helper the past couple weeks is Isaiah 32:17. The fruit of righteousness [doing what is right] will be peace. The effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. That is my spring-cleaning and Easter epiphany. This is worthy of celebrating: Another new beginning in this path of life called mothering and being a wife that honors God.


  1. Sharon from central WIMarch 28, 2013 at 2:23 PM

    Amen!!!!! To Everything. Totally followed your "spaghetti" connections.

  2. Good Good post! It's wonderful to hear real solutions to real issues of life. Amen. I'm chuck full of "wise older women" who've schooled their emotions. There's a difference between schooled emotions and surrender and peace and underlying joy.....yes there is!

  3. That last line up there in Amy's comment.....YES! And surrender is a daily thing, right?


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