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Who Do I Love the Most..Me or God?

If you've ever been in a spot of discomfort after a conversation and you keep repeating in your mind what he or she said and what you said back, you will probably understand the thinking behind this question. Are you uncomfortable with the way the conversation went because you are afraid you sounded dumb? Or wrong?  Have you ever felt tortured by your thoughts after a false accusation or an insinuation that you were misunderstood? Did you feel like smoke was coming out your ears from not being given the chance to explain yourself? Maybe you've gone through a time of doing great things, performing or trying to please someone in particular with your talents of compassion and ability to reach out. Maybe you were good at it and did impress a few people. Maybe you were even given high praise. Do you find yourself craving, even needing affirmation? Do want to be noticed for your good deeds or quality of character? Do you long for people to look up to you and come to you for