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Never Miss a Day

    4th of July...   We took the boat out all morning... Photo shoot...   Laife 13... Toria 11... Shaunti 7...     Today I am reminded that missing my time in scripture is a sure way to lose my footing in practical living. I just finished studying for the Sunday School lesson and am praising the Lord, so to speak, with what I found after my first initial glance at the scripture. Thank God for commentaries and others who have gone before paving the way to understand more complicated scriptures such as Rom. 10. What I found today was encouragement. Encouraged that Paul cared enough for his own people to plead, beg, & cry to his people that they truly understand salvation. That his heart was full of love for them and that he was burdened enough to pray to God for them. I was convicted by his message to them that their zeal alone to obey the law was not enough. God wants more than my zeal. HE wants me. All of me. My aches, my desires, my whims. Do