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30 Days of Thanksgiving...Week 4

Nov 20 I've been thinking... we should be thankful for our differences. Diversity is what keeps us growing, learning, and stretching. Having to practice grace when we ourselves do not understand how that certain someone can tick that way or behave in such a manner...that is when we learn to use our differences to the glory of God. And thank God we all have something a little unique of our own to bring to this thing we call "living". Nov 21 For the gift of compassion. To mourn with those that mourn and to rejoice with those that rejoice. Yes, all this while not taking on too much of the pain of the others' struggles so much that you cannot bear it. Trying to remember it isn't my job to change or soften the struggle. My job is to stand alongside and just be there while God gives the strength to walk through. His Power...He has given us everything we need for life and godliness...2 Peter 1:3 Nov 22 For the generosity of people...A turkey was put on m

30 Days of Thanksgiving Week 3

  Nov 12...  Keeping it simple. Here's the run down of the week's thanksgiving...This was my walk last Sunday...and an all day date with my man. We stayed home from church and the kids spent most the day away so we could catch up with one another. Thankful we have health and that we take time to make each other important. Nov 13. Monday and the beginning of a great thaw. Most of the snow is gone from the valley. Helps tremendous with school sale preparations. Nov 14. Finishing up school sale projects...Embracing simple things. Cuz they're easy don't ya know...and make for more time to squander on reading and studying. Nov 15. Extremely thankful for physical rest and the reminder of our eternal rest once we finally get home. Home is a wonderful place to be...if you need more on this go check out my instagram @delight40. Nov 16. A quick duck into a thrift store after school and I came away with a genuine leather purse and a few beautiful coffee mugs. This, I

30 Days of Thanksgiving...Week 2

Nov 5.  Thankful for home this Sunday. I love love love home and Sundays. I catch my breath this day. I make a huge Sunday dinner and as my mom used to say, "We eat feathers all week." aka, leftovers. I usually spend Sunday afternoon writing and planning for the next week of school. On Sunday, my brain is quieted and I am able to make a grocery list that makes sense. It's the one day a week I get to be a family with my people. Usually everyone is in and out of the house yet mostly together. Nov 6. Morning sky...a good Monday morning reminder...His mercies are new every morning...Mondays are usually a bit grueling in the classroom so waking up with the sky and remembering His mercy is perfect to begin the week. Nov 7. Thankful that God made boys and girls and trying to teach them one is not as good without the other...Praising God for making us each unique in our genders and that we complement each other not try to outshine each other. Try telling a fif

30 Days of Thanksgiving Week 1

                  30 Days of Thanks giving... Week 1:                     Nov 1:  On my wall blackboard...Healthy foods. Why, you might ask, would a grown woman be thankful for healthy foods?  I recently watched a couple TED talks that helped me understand some of the confusion I have felt about food over my life time. Food and I have lived as enemies longer than as friends. I am ready to make peace with it.  When I was in my teens I finally got my weight a bit under control by following Weight Watchers guidelines. The biggest thing I learned from that experience was balance in nutrition.  Then I got married and had babies. I found it a lot harder to follow those guidelines after marriage and babies, but with fierce determination I kept after it.  In the meantime, I started feeling arthritic through out my body. I did the ELISA test which said I was very gluten intolerant. It did help the pain level to eliminate gluten from my life but then I started to put on weight with