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30 Days of Thanksgiving...Week 4

Nov 20
I've been thinking... we should be thankful for our differences. Diversity is what keeps us growing, learning, and stretching. Having to practice grace when we ourselves do not understand how that certain someone can tick that way or behave in such a manner...that is when we learn to use our differences to the glory of God. And thank God we all have something a little unique of our own to bring to this thing we call "living".

Nov 21
For the gift of compassion. To mourn with those that mourn and to rejoice with those that rejoice. Yes, all this while not taking on too much of the pain of the others' struggles so much that you cannot bear it. Trying to remember it isn't my job to change or soften the struggle. My job is to stand alongside and just be there while God gives the strength to walk through. His Power...He has given us everything we need for life and godliness...2 Peter 1:3

Nov 22
For the generosity of people...A turkey was put on my desk... one of my students wrote me a note...words of kindness...These daily little things are BIG things.

Nov 23
We as a family were able to help serve Thanksgiving dinner to the elderly at the hospital...Honestly, the kids and I were not excited about missing the special dinner with my family but we were very blessed to bless others and get a glimpse into what Bruce does day after day. Serving is what Christ called us to do. Yes?

Nov 24
I go to the woods...My parents recently moved to a smaller property that has a beautiful pine woods. I love it in there. I feel God in the woods. Call me earthy if you will, but it is the best place to drop the cares of the world and rest in the quiet.

Nov 25
Thankful for creativity and beauty. Went to my sister's house and tramped through her woods for forests greens, then came home and worked on Christmas decorating...Perfect ending to a Thanksgiving week end.