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  Here in the valley it's green and the geese are hatching out their goslings...  We live next to a pond and it is full of new life.   I woke this morning to the sound of steady, heavy rain on the roof... the kind that settles in for awhile. These snowy mountain pictures were taken by my spouse on Sat.  He went high in the mountains with a group of experienced snowmobilers. After many hours of wondering where was my husband and trying not to worry about his whereabouts.... After all I usually worry and everything is OK so why not this day? I finally get a call about eight-thirty at night that Bruce is in an ambulance headed to Libby.  They think he's OK but won't know till they get him checked out.  I was babysitting Olivia and Jemima and was in the process of putting everyone in bed. Finally, thanks to Charles, a friend from church,  I get word that he's going to be fine and is coming home yet that night but that he has a bad collar-bone break.  A thousand

New Wall Decor

  This won't mean anything to you because for some odd reason I don't have a before picture of what hung above our dining room table.  It was a huge picture of roosters and along the side of that was a plate rack with four different kinds of rooster.  Too many roosters...  Bruce was growing weary of the sight of them.   So... one day last spring I found an old rickety window all flaky with white paint and that beautiful green blue color I'm crazy about peeking through.  I had visions of hanging it above the mantle in our living room but I brought it home and it was too big.  It sat in the garage for about a year.  One day I was having coffee with some friends at my favorite store in town and I saw an old window used in this fashion. {only they hung theirs on the ceiling}  Bless their hearts...  I thought of this wall and how small the dining room seems.  So I was telling Bruce all about it and he liked it too.  Therefore, we have  a new original wall decor idea...  sorta

Random Thoughts...

The title alone should give you fair warning that this will be a most boring post.  I have the idea if a person has a blog they should now and then post something of interest.  I remember when I went to winter Bible school there was a poster hanging in study hall that annoyed me like crazy.  It said something like...There are three kinds of people in life... The first kind make things happen, the second kind do something else that is important I can't remember what it is right now, and the third kind say "what happened?"    Obviously, what bugged me about it is I am that third person.  I was then and still am...   So anyways, life is good and interesting and spring is here and the early stuff is in the garden... etc...  We are having a good time doing what it is we do.    And then a little thought I've been chasing around... We had home Bible Study last night at Lowell Grabers and he had us study the whole book of Jonah.  We read all four chapters.  And then we