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 Here in the valley it's green and the geese are hatching out their goslings...  We live next to a pond and it is full of new life.   I woke this morning to the sound of steady, heavy rain on the roof... the kind that settles in for awhile.

These snowy mountain pictures were taken by my spouse on Sat.  He went high in the mountains with a group of experienced snowmobilers.

After many hours of wondering where was my husband and trying not to worry about his whereabouts.... After all I usually worry and everything is OK so why not this day?

I finally get a call about eight-thirty at night that Bruce is in an ambulance headed to Libby.  They think he's OK but won't know till they get him checked out.  I was babysitting Olivia and Jemima and was in the process of putting everyone in bed.

Finally, thanks to Charles, a friend from church,  I get word that he's going to be fine and is coming home yet that night but that he has a bad collar-bone break.  A thousand thoughts will go through you mind when your husband is hurting and you don't know how to get to him fast enough. 
How to explain the accident?  I'm not very good at that... I'll let Bruce tell you about it sometime. 
  I'm just thankful it wasn't worse and that my husband is still here on this earth with me.   I might struggle with thankfulness in the next couple weeks as he recovers.  His other helper with the mail route is taking over this week but the next several weeks  I have to do the mail route with Bruce, of course, looking over my shoulder.  Pray for me for strength and grace and whatever other virtue you would like to add to the list as it is a most difficult job for this scatter-brained person. 
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  1. Oh my, Shilah! I was holding my breath! I am so glad he'll be okay, but in the meantime....grace for the both of you! I will pray for you!

  2. Yes, please do pray for Bruce's healing. I forgot to mention that it was a nasty break. The xrays showed the bone splintered and jagged. How it will heal is questionable... So really that is the most urgent matter.

  3. I to will pray for you Shi.after the thankfulness of being alive wears off and all you can think about are the infirmaties..i'll pray for Bruce but you'll be right up there with him in my prayers.

  4. Trust me, does heal...but yes, you will need extra strength. Ivan would testify that the uninjured one needs more prayers than maybe the injured one does!! Thinking of y'all


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