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What it's Like to Be Home

I have noticed in the blog world, it isn't really a thing any more. The last year of teaching kept me too busy to clearly and cohesively put together thoughts to share. It was a plumb miracle if I got the bare basics done. Now that I am back, I find a few faithful bloggers and am comforted. I plan to stay. Now that I am home, I plan to write and write and write. You have been warned. 😏 The profound thought chasing around my head the last several weeks of school was... "Everyone stop trying to impress each other. Just quietly do the stuff God gave you to do and mind your own business!"  Now that was nicely summarized and I'm sure you have no idea what I am preaching about. I'll leave that for another time when I'm feeling more upset about it. I kinda lost my oomph for that sermon anyway. Being at home is a pinch me I'm dreaming kind of feeling. It doesn't feel super real yet. Reality takes over in time for meals and laundry, something of wh