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About Westwoods

It is way past time for an update to this page...

Life has moved on. It seems almost a miracle, but we have finished the four years of school. Bruce is now a RN and I am once more a stay at home mom, wife, and home-maker. I also continue to write, it is my happy place.

Toward the end of our school journey, we bought a home on Diamond Lake in Washington. Bruce's new job is in Spokane, thirty or so mile away. The commute from Bonners Ferry to Spokane on work days would have taken its toll, already we were being tested with the time spent apart as a family because of distance, so as an answer to prayer, God moved our family across the mountains. Our new address is Newport, Washington.

We love it here. There is a small church and local body of believers that we are enjoying thoroughly.  The move wasn't easy for the children, having to leave behind quite a large youth group, and Shaunti, our youngest, entering her first year of high school. But they are adjusting nicely. There are days they are sad and lonely about the twist their lives have made but overall they are happy.

Laife is still home for the most part, although recently he had been gone a lot as he pours all his energy into being a firefighter and an EMT. He is planning another term of Bible school at SMBI this winter. He will be 20 in Jan. Suddenly, I feel a little old.

Toria is 17 and teaching school here at our church/school. She teaches first and second grades. She loves it and is thankful to be so busy as she adjusts to life away from the Bonners Ferry youth group. It's only a short drive, 1 and 1/2 hrs, from here, so she does go back frequently.

Shaunti is 14 and in her first year of high school. The move was probably the hardest on her, but she is putting heart and soul into making new friends and finding creativity here by the lake.

This blog is where I write about our lives and sometime I preach a little. Preaching was never my goal of course, but I have found that I sort and do life on a much better level when I meet it bravely by writing down its upheavals with words. I guess, there is no chance but for a little preaching in that.

The lake is a dream come true. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be able to live by a lake. Whenever life gets a little too crazy, I go out to the dock and soak in the quietness, the sunshine, and the scenery. A friend asked me jokingly if now that I have the lake to look at, is my life perfect? And then we both laughed. Because we all know that there are good and bad days, sorrows and joys, ups and downs. 

My biggest goal for this blog is for you to catch a little bit of real. In our world of Instagram perfect and the glossing over of living, I aim to have joy in the real things. To not use pretty words only, but to tinge your world with a bit of honesty and genuine, realistic points of view. At the same time... I "praise the Lord anyways." - quote from my Grandpa Skrivseth

                        -Blessings for your day-