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School Season and Chickens

School has started... Don't laugh at Laife.  This was the best picture I could get of the little scholars.    Last week we did the school thing.  Finished most the corn from the garden and attained these lovely chickens.  Anyone who knows me; knows that I have exercised a lot of bravery in going to that little chicken farm walking among many chickens to pick out three almost grown chickens and three little ones.  Not only did I brave all those birds I now have the three babies in my office in my house.  They ARE in a little cage so I guess that isn't exactly brave. The most well cared chicks on the planet.  Did I mention, my office stinks! Cute, little chicken coop... Oh dear sweet chicken with the beautiful chicken eye.  I think he wants to eat me.     Disclaimer:  Laife took the chicken photos.  Just to be absolutely clear. The end...

The Pictures

I'm going to try this group of pictures one more time.  After that I give up... I think they should be self explanatory.

OK No Pictures...

Yeah, I'm a little frustrated.  I wanted to update all you wonderful people without words two weeks ago.  I was made aware that it didn't work about ten minutes after I left the Internet service.  At this point we are making the choice to not have Internet in our home.  We take the computer into town once a month or so to pay bills and to try catch up electronically with family and friends.  The problem is you can't hurry fast enough and do a proper job.  The big question?  Should I keep trying or give it up? This summer has flown.  In the last month we've built a barn.  Harvested 100 quart of green beans.  Picked huckleberries, raspberries and made strawberry jam.  I've canned a few pickles.  We cut down three dead trees that we had planted as an experiment. We finished a back sidewalk that we were waiting on because of a trench we needed to dig for an electric line to the barn.  We've painted the barn and the chicken coop to match.  We are getting a few chic