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OK No Pictures...

Yeah, I'm a little frustrated.  I wanted to update all you wonderful people without words two weeks ago.  I was made aware that it didn't work about ten minutes after I left the Internet service.  At this point we are making the choice to not have Internet in our home.  We take the computer into town once a month or so to pay bills and to try catch up electronically with family and friends.  The problem is you can't hurry fast enough and do a proper job.  The big question?  Should I keep trying or give it up?

This summer has flown.  In the last month we've built a barn.  Harvested 100 quart of green beans.  Picked huckleberries, raspberries and made strawberry jam.  I've canned a few pickles.  We cut down three dead trees that we had planted as an experiment. We finished a back sidewalk that we were waiting on because of a trench we needed to dig for an electric line to the barn.  We've painted the barn and the chicken coop to match.  We are getting a few chickens for eggs in a couple days.  We acquired two miniature horses this spring that Bruce and the kids have been working with.  We still have a few things on the house outside we'd like to finish up before winter.  We spent one weekend back in the mountains camping.  That was a lot of fun.   We babysat Olivia and Jemima four days.  That was special.  So life is good...  Busy but good... I wish I could add a few pictures now but I'm on my moms computer and can't get to my pictures here.   My words are boring but hopefully you get a little glimpse into our life...


  1. What you could do though, is to use windows live writer, and get your posts all ready at home off line, pictures and all and then when you get on line you hit the publish button and presto you've posted.

  2. BTW Words are not boring...won't say pictures can be better, but words are better than nothing!! Enjoy hearing from all of you!!

  3. Hey Shilah, Love you and yours. I would like to come for coffee and visit again. Thanks for the summer update.


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