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In Your Presence Is Joy Forevermore

I tell myself I don't have writers block...I don't know what that is...I think I have workers block, I've been working so hard at getting school going that I haven't had time to put thought to paper. But believe me, the thoughts are there. And every time I make a start there is an interruption or something of higher importance than me explaining life and how it works. The truth is, I don't know how it works and many parts of my life are unfinished business without many plain answers.  I do have two plain answers though, and that is that prayer works and Psalm 16:11 is so true...I can testify, People...Let me get a witness! Amen... I remember as a young child I barged into my parents room to ask my mom a question and I found her on her knees imploring God in the heavens. I felt shocked and a little bit scared and very embarrassed that I had interrupted such sacred territory. Since then, I have remembered this picture often; I too have fled to my roo

Lonely in our Churches

You were saying only one person told you they were praying for the pain you are going through today. That it felt lonely and nobody cares. You feel cynical and jaded by peoples lack of interest. You feel judge-y because of their wealth and your poverty and still they do nothing to support the cause you have given your heart to.                            ************************ You said you struggle to understand those that have a burden or calling to foster and adopt, when it is obvious they already juggle normal living... badly. You wonder why they would choose to serve in this way if they are hardly able to keep body and soul alive at home.                            ************************ You said you could never do what I do, that you don't know how I put up with the things I do each day...because of the dynamics of my job, my people, my soft heart annoys you- you wonder why I don't just walk away and think less...why I bother to listen to t