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A weekend away in Sand point... We went to the beach one drizzly afternoon. It was balmy, fall weather really. The weekend was very relaxing. We spent most of the time in the hot tub and pool at the motel. The kids were all suffering a nasty cold and were rather tame all weekend long. The plan was to get away before the mad rush of school sale and Thanksgiving season. Bruce has also been giving most of his spare time to the building of his "Hummel Bird" I'll post pictures of that another time. But for that particular weekend, I was hoping to pull him away for a little family attention. He remained with us in body but his spirit was far from us. Occasionally I waved my hand in front of his face to see. He WAS glazed over. He was appreciated for being a sport for the rest of us though. The kids and I had fun anyway. We took paints and glitter glue, paper and colors. I played a couple games of "go fish" Great fun! We went through the McDonald's drive through on