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It comes back to being thankful. A stumble to the kitchen sink for a glass of water. Dry morning mouth and a numb skull. You peer over the mound of dirty dishes lying there in the sink and you wonder why they weren't done before bed.  This is the time to slowly breath in and out while you gulp down that water, the very meaning of life in that moment. It's as simple as, "Thank you God, for my dirt and my sink and my need for water/YOU." While you pack a few lunches for your working men, you breathe more prayers. You know they will have a few giants in their day, everyone does, and so you put them in God's care. But you are weary from the battle.  You open your morning read, a verse of the day and another little inspiration that encourages you to face pain and to go through it willingly; to stop seeking instant gratification and resolving of whatever current issue you face.  Yes but...your mind scrambles to examine the heart and to think about the fact th


Three words people tend to snicker about are callings, dreams, and gifts. Maybe it isn't people in general, maybe it is a cultural thing to snicker and make fun of someone's calling or to smash dreams apart. I don't know which way it is but I do think it is contagious, this spirit of “thou shalt not dream” and “thou shalt think/do outside the realms of my reality.” Which is kind of a problem. Without callings, dreams, and gifts, we would not have people willing to write their souls out on paper...we would not have the Word of God... and awesome blog posts that you can go and discuss with your friends. :) We would not have parents willing to face heartache and rejection because they felt the need to foster/adopt...even for one or two little souls...they feel this burden and do their part and long to do more...and it is never satisfied...when is a good time to stop caring and loving and reaching out? Without personal dreams, we would not have doct

How We Forget and Why

If you are looking for knowledgeable answers this post will be a disappointment to is more an analysis of what I think happens in life and a few of the causes. Maybe you don't get off kilter as I do in relationships and in staying humble and kind and joyful. Maybe you aren't bothered with deep thoughts and the pressures of those who don't have deep thoughts...(don't worry, I know my personality can be a drain to those who aren't nagged with "thoughts".) I don't even blame you. I drain myself. :) Here goes nothing... 1. I think we forget truth and God's morals when we get too heavily involved in politics. We get so wrapped up in our own thinking we forget to take into account what God thinks about the currant news, then say a bunch of stuff that is mostly strong opinions and added chaos. Brilliant. 2. It seems that we forget politeness and good manners and communication skills since the advent of Facebook and Twitter and tha

Summer...and the Stuff We Do

On the long drive home from Florida, I had much time to contemplate my house and home making skills and the lack of organization in it. My excuse has been that I teach and have not the time to tinker and fritter away time with cleaning and organizing and the like. But sitting there quietly in my seat, my brain began to wriggle and squirm with ideas of what I could do once we arrived home.  First thing on my list was finding an office space for my- in- nursing- school- husband. Our house is small so this was a little bit challenging. I don't watch Fixer Upper for nothing though. And I am brave. Sometimes. Anyway. I went to a cute little shop downtown and found this sweet old, wooden, gun box. I fell in love instantly because it is old and wooden, and because it looked purposeful being a shelf and container to hold things at the same time. It wasn't in the best of shape but it was inexpensive and I knew with a bit of scrubbing it would be perfect. The best pa