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When Its Dry

I have this tiny front yard that needs water daily just to survive. Something in the way its situated makes it difficult for rain to reach most of it. The previous owner obviously spent more time than I do setting up sprinklers in strategic places. And this is not as dry a summer as usual. So I found a setting on the nozzle of the garden hose called 'soaker', which seems to work better than a sprinkler because it requires me standing behind it and watering according to desire of wetness. I can see the spots that need soaking better than my sprinkler. And as I stand there giving the dry ground a good soak, I think of all the dry spots in my life and my people's lives and pray for them. Now these are not wordy prayers. I'm not even sure they are good prayers. It's more watering the surface than anything, because I don't know the depth to which the dryness goes. I just kinda eyeball it like the ground and trust God will use it according to need. Bru

Not Shocked

There are way too many things to talk about here so I will try to narrow it down to one or two. They may or may not correlate. I have been asked my opinion on well-known established organizations that have been exposed of their ongoing sins... organizations that have functioned for years under the guise of "conservative" and "spiritual"...what do I think about it? First of all, I'm not sure what good it does for one more voice to say what they think...I personally cannot bear to hear one more opinion... although I will admit this is a bit reactionary from the last four years of intense-ness. However I will just say this. It's about time. It's about time we realize that conservative Anabaptist people are just that. People are people are people the world over. It is past time to break down our little kingdoms of self righteousness in our heritage and realize we are human and sinners and no better than anyone. We are all crawling with filth and g