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In Everything Give Thanks

Even with all the criticism Polly Anna gets for her always cheerful attitude; I think she truly understood thanksgiving more than many a fine Christian person today. I used to sorta scoff the whole Polly Anna theory for lack of realness and for being too "idealistic". More and more though, I am beginning to realize her attitude for soundness as well as being "spot on" for what the Bible teaches. Everyone knows how much God hated the whining and complaining the children of Israel did while He led them through the wilderness. He hated it so badly it was punishable by the ground opening up and swallowing people whole, among other great and terrible things He did to prove His point. I understand His anger a little bit better after trying to teach my toddlers to share and be thankful and now, while teaching fifth and sixth graders. The truth is, children are not even aware they are complaining until we show them they are. They don't think about their co


                                                Hygge:              Pronounced: hue-gah or hoo-gah I thought I had learned a new word the other week when I bumped into this one...turns out though, its been around ages and has been floating around social media for the past five years or so. I blame my own practice of "hygge" to just now be finding out about it. It became one of my favorite words once I read the meaning and since it has Nordic roots I felt I could identify with it immediately. Not that I know a lot about my Norwegian ancestors...somehow it has always felt very cool that I have a small portion of Norwegian in my blood.  That is beside the point.  I remember as a child I struggled for words to describe the emotion attached to snuggling a hot cup of cocoa in mittened hands after a moonlit evening of sledding with the cousins.  In present day, it has become my cup of coffee. It isn't the taste or the need of caffeine as much as the ritual and feelin

Convenient and Comfortable Serving...Probably Not

I've been thinking about serving and how tired I get doing it. School teachers know how any given day can leave them completely drained. Actually, anyone serving in any capacity knows about the tiredness and feelings of exhaustion...schoolteachers aren't special in this. I was complaining to Bruce about the seven active wild boys in my classroom and how I don't get paid to teach them manners and about how I am tired of gross ideas and potty rant continued on these lines of ultimatums. I stated, “It's going to stop! I don't have to put up with this. They can use their manners while they are in my presence.” etc... Do you know what that man said? He said, “Umm, actually you do. It's a part of your job to see that they behave themselves and learn. And boys will be boys.” I think this man of mine is good for me. But it made me wonder if I need to accept listening to armpit noises and burping and smelling farts as a daily part of educat

Learning to Worship

Post started last week one still seems relevant so here goes... We were in the middle of Math class yesterday when I felt a sudden burden to stop everything and pray for my friend who is in Ukraine going through the legal work to bring home a son. I wavered and felt stupid for one second then decided to listen to this urging and just... Do It! Afterward I wondered, why do I even waver? What makes me want to question prompts of the Holy Spirit? Why would I even stumble over the fact that that is what is taking place? Later in the day, I watched a sweet student receive a fresh new school book. First she ran her hands over the front, appreciating the clean, crisp cover, then she brought the book up to her face and inhaled the paper, her eyes closed. Suddenly her eyes flicked open with a look of self awareness. You could almost see the thought flutter across her face, "Did anyone see me do that?" This morning my verse of the day: Now the Lord is that