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  Searching for home... It's what I'm constantly doing. Because home moves or is changeable; Depending on our life's decisions and plans. So it means home is with my people and furnishings... In that particular abode. Home has been my lake house, my sailboat, my parent's house. But only in moments with people I love. Because home isn't home when I'm alone in a dwelling. Or is it? Peace and security is home and being alone is... Those things by turns. Home is two recliners, warm towels and a good bed. It's where you groom, relax, and be your toe picking self. Your favorite genre of music, books, and artwork is on display In your home. There are no worries if anyone else likes your choices; They will because they live there too; they are your blood. You can laugh at odd jokes and cry at shared memories At home. Things like forgiveness and patience and forbearance Are practiced because of burps and loud chewing and other Human noises

Sweet Manna From Heaven

  I'm mad at myself for being such a thinker . Why do I have to go and study things? Why did I not get enough substance from the word 'steadfast' that I thrived on in 2020? And why did I have to go and pick another one? Also, have you ever thought about what that expression, "sweet manna from heaven!" even means?  Trust. That's my word for 2021. It's a simple word. Shouldn't be so hard to learn the concepts and ways of trust. Right? WRONG! I'm floundered really. Quite broken and lost. You think you know a thing until you start to court it. Then it becomes a mystery and illusive. Appearing in reassurance only occasionally after you had given up hope. Trust in an Almighty God is the only way. It's for real. It'll hold. But only if you keep yourself and your dreams and desires out of the mix and keep committing those to God. Continually. You have to seek the face of God continually. And be able to pray things like, "Your will, not mine be