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My Christmas Inspiration...

I'm noticing the wisemen this year because Shaunti brought them to my attention while we were setting up the manger scene. I was trying to explain to her what their role was in the Christmas story. I discovered that they were wisemen by profession but the truly wise thing about them was there search for Jesus to bring Him gifts and to worship Him. That is really what is needed in my life these days. True seeking and worship in what God sends to me for my roles as mom and wife. My worship to Jesus might be going through the things of life that keep working my faith and the things that are growing me up. A friend recently pointed out to me that the struggle is not shameful but something to be thankful for because it is changing me and molding me. Its all a part of growing in the wisdom that is from above. Growing wiser is laced with humility and worship for my Maker. thank-you Jesus, for those wisemen that showed by example.