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Mid Summers Dream...

   Not. I just used that title to catch your attention.  Summer is definitely getting away from me.  I keep trying to stay caught up; but by the time I get the 38 qu. of peas put away the green beans start in earnest.  I am liking the gardening thing better this year than ever before.  I don't know why other than my baby is seven in a week and the kids are helping with the harvesting and weeding so much.  In between the garden is the run into the mountains for the huckleberries and the camping trips.    This summer has been good. Bruce has joined the local search and rescue team as well as the North Bench Fire Department.  With his regular job of P.O. and the hobby farm we have on our one acre property; He is a busy happy man.  I have to be OK with seeing less of him and there has been that adjustment but for the most part it has all been a good thing.    We have had a sad week here in our community.  A young girl died from drowning.  Something like this make everything cha

Through The Eyes of a Child

Our outing last Sat. to farmers market, museum, and stores.. Mom's Fourth of July cake... Mmmmm.... It's good...   I asked Toria to go out and take pictures of mom's gardens...                   These photos are through the eyes of Toria...and Toria and Laife both declare while picking peas that our rooster sings "Come Bless The Lord." in its crow... Shaunti's thought for the week was given after seeing the most beautiful rainbow seen yet this year...  We could see all of the rainbow from one end to the other and it seemed to touch down in the field next to us.  It was a rainbow that seemed tangible... She said, "Mom, lets go out there in that field and climb up on that end and slide down."   Happy Summer to you all...