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Through The Eyes of a Child

Our outing last Sat. to farmers market, museum, and stores..

Mom's Fourth of July cake...

Mmmmm.... It's good...

I asked Toria to go out and take pictures of mom's gardens...

These photos are through the eyes of Toria...and Toria and Laife both declare while picking peas that our rooster sings "Come Bless The Lord." in its crow...
Shaunti's thought for the week was given after seeing the most beautiful rainbow seen yet this year...  We could see all of the rainbow from one end to the other and it seemed to touch down in the field next to us.  It was a rainbow that seemed tangible... She said, "Mom, lets go out there in that field and climb up on that end and slide down." 

Happy Summer to you all...
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  1. I liked looking through Toria's eyes. Thank you.

  2. I liked looking through Toria's eyes. Thank you. Grandma Ruth

  3. Could someone tell me how it could be possible that mom has all this pain where she hurts and yet she still has a yard that looks like THIS????? How can it beeeeeee????? I can only dream of such things! Lovely.

  4. Thanks for showing us Mom's Gardens. Someone should be making a glossy-paged, full-color photograph, coffee table book of them. Hmmm, I wonder.


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